There is a wide array of testosterone options such as the amazing testosterone blend 400mg now available out there in the market. Long ago, men as well as women that were suffering from low levels of testosterone had to just live with their condition. But that isn’t the case any longer. With advances in medicine, there are several and varying treatments for low levels in the market that any option might be appropriate for you if you are actually diagnosed to be suffering from a low count of testosterone. When not treated, low levels of this essential body hormone could feature several unpleasant symptoms that range from depression, lack of sexual libido, fatigue, body composition alterations (fat increases and body atrophies), increased heart attack risk levels, and several others. This article offers the most common therapies for swift testosterone replacement.

Just as the name implies, here, the hormone gets delivered into the user’s body system through a needle and is injected right into his muscle on the recommendation of his doctor. The majority of doctors even train you to inject yourself so you can always do it in the privacy of your home.

Pros of injections: Truly cost effective and highly effective method of delivery.

Cons of injections: Pains and could produce highs and lows. This is because you get a rise in testosterone levels that could plunge a little bit before you take the next injection. But when you buy many modern options of these steroids online, this issue is already taken care of as they are made to last in your system till your next injection.


These are tiny pellets that you place beneath the skin and they then go on to release testosterone into your body.

Pros of pellets: They always dissolve evenly, consistently releasing testosterone into your body.

Cons of pellets: There has to be an incision, beneath which the pellets are then placed.


Just like the name shows, you can rub these creams on certain parts of the body to get an increase in testosterone levels.

Pros of creams: Very easy and convenient to use, can be truly effective, and does not demand any incisions while it’s not painful at all.

Cons of creams: You could accidentally transfer the hormone to other individuals through skin to skin contact.


These are quite similar to creams both in use and functionalities, and they also feature the same pros and cons.

Other treatment methods

Some individuals desire treatments that aren’t prescription drugs. For such individuals, utilizing natural means to boost their levels is the best way to go. Even though such methods might not be as effective as introducing the hormone directly into the body, they feature the advantage of being safe and without the same degree of likely side effects as they only enhance your body to produce the hormone naturally.

For individuals that are suffering from low levels of testosterone in their body, they can use any of the methods listed in this article, particularly the use of foremost brands like testosterone blend 400mg, to swiftly make up for their deficiencies. These methods are truly fast and effective.