We are constantly exposed to various viruses and bacteria. Everyday we breathe in over 100,000,000 viruses. Some of them can be very fatal. Viruses are everywhere, the air we breathe in, the things we touch, the food we eat, and even the water we drink. It is our immune system that protects us. There are more viruses than we can ever imagine and the thing we don’t know how many of them can be fatal for us. Harmful bacteria or pathogens can cause strep throat, staph infections, cholera, and even food poisoning. For the proper functioning of our immune system, we need to maintain proper hygiene. We can’t always depend on our immune system and eat, drink, and touch whatever we want to. Nature has its limits, we are created in a way. We must protect nature and respect it. We need to keep our environment and surroundings clean as much as we can. Disinfecting the surroundings and the things we touch is our duty at this point in time.

Innovations are everywhere. New and modified items are grabbing the market. One of these new innovative disinfecting items is a Hand Sanitizer Spray. Fresh Hands Sanitizer Spray is very useful. There are various companies available in the market that is selling the Hand Sanitizer Sprays at various prices. Some of them are Dettol, Lifebuoy, Godrej, Nykaa, and many more. Some new companies are entering the market as well.

Why go for a hand sanitizer spray?

  • Hand sanitizer sprays are handy and can fit almost everywhere. Whether we are traveling or just going to the local market, we can carry it pretty easily.
  • Using a fresh hand sanitizer spray is very easy. Hygiene is just a spray away when we are using it.
  • We cannot always use soap and water to disinfect our hands, Fresh hand sanitizer sprays can be used anytime and anywhere.

What to keep in mind before buying one?

  • There are plenty of fake Hand Sanitizer Sprays in the market, which is comparatively cheaper than the branded ones. Thus we should always go for a reputed brand to avoid adverse effects.
  • We should always check the compositions. Natural or mild Sanitizers are suited for all types of skin.
  • An effective Fresh Hands Sanitizer Spray contains a 60-95% percentage of alcohol. Thus sprays that contain alcohol within this range are effective.


We will have to maintain our hygiene by washing our hands with soap and water, wearing a mask in public, avoiding physical contact with others, keeping our surroundings clean, and frequently using Sanitizers.  We have to follow all of these to protect ourselves from various diseases. Only washing our hands with soap will not do, following all the steps are necessary. Using a Hand Sanitizer Spray but not wearing a mask in public is like a joke. Masks should be put on in the right way. Hands should be disinfected after coughing or sneezing. Fresh Hands Sanitizer Spray is an item one can never leave behind in their shopping list. By investing a very less amount of money we can actually be pretty sure of our hygiene.