What is that?

Advertising your brand in elevator doors! How does that sound? Unique and impossible isn’t it? But, no it is possible in 2018.

Various lift advertising agency have come forth with the sole aim of capturing people’s attention in the elevators, through lift door advertising. Through this, a larger audience can be reached. The advertisement is the sole link between business and customers. What’s wrong with using the space on the elevator door for the purpose!

Where do these agencies work?

Lift advertising agency initially was confined in one particular city but now it has spread over to Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, and Noida and the regions of Delhi NCR and thereby reaching out to more than 25000 families.

Mode of functioning

The operative team designed this plan with a particular statistics in mind – that a general person uses the elevator in a residential or official complex at least 4 times in a day. Each time spending around 50 seconds in an elevator, without any net connection in the elevator. Due to it being a secluded place, they are forced to stare at the walls.

The walls are either showing date or temperature or some general rules and regulations that are to be followed in the elevator. Instead of that, if the walls are adorned with a colourful attractive advertisement, then they will be bound to read it. This passed on the real essence of lift door advertising and can be estimated by the number of customers using promo code during shopping.

Working steps:

  • A lift door advertising provides space for advertisement inside the lifts of residential or office area.
  • A frame of dimension 15” × 21” is installed in the lift
  • The agencies place a poster of size 13” × 19”
  • Maintaining the posters and replace the posters as and when required.

Vision and Mission

The mission of these lift advertising agencies is simple, to reach out to people amidst their daily chores, to make use of the place which is generally dull and boring. Of course, the vision is to increase the brand value of the thousands of brands in the market right now and to promote brand loyalty for a place of trust among customers and for brand retention.

Major Clients

Some reputed brands and companies like State Bank of India, Aditya Birla Group, Jawed Habib Salon and many more use this service.

In general, the clients hale from various aspect of business like Banking, Salon, Restaurants, Optical, Healthcare, Education, Supermarket, Optical, Banquets, Farms, Real Estate, Dairy Farm, Sanitary-ware and Electricals, Mattress and Handloom, Event Management and many more

Partnering with Agencies

As you have got from the article, partnering with any lift advertising agency will have a huge advantage for you and your company. After commissioning the apartment, advertisement in the lifts will help attract customers, and will also help revenues. These companies usually have a contract deal of one to a three-year term, the builder of the buildings will get a good return while the residents will be kept informed about the latest deals in the market.