When you are about to buy a TV, it makes sense for you to evaluate all your options and select the best brand. Lloyd and Sony are amongst the most advanced companies that offer you good quality TVs at affordable prices. While there are various 40-inch HD LED TVs by Sony and Lloyd, you can go for either the Lloyd L40FIK 40-inch LED TV, or the Sony KLV 40R452A 40-inch LED TV. Thoroughly compare the two to select the most suitable one for you.


Sony 40-inch LED TV

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But first, to ensure that you make the right decision, take a look at how Lloyd and Sony’s 40-inch LED TVs differ from each other.


  • Design

A Sony 40-inch LED TV comes with a table top stand and weighs around 7.1kg. On the other hand, a Lloyd 40-inch LED TV weighs around 8.8kg and comes with a slim, T-shape stand that compliments the elegant and sleek design of the TV.


  • Display

Both these LED TVs support full HD resolution, giving you access to enhanced picture quality. The Lloyd L40FIK 40-inch LED TV is an ultra-slim TV that specializes in presenting fast-moving images with excellent clarity. Apart from having a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 8ms, other display features such as viewing angles, brightness, resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, etc. are common to both these TV models.


  • Audio

The Sony KLV 40R452A 40-inch LED TV has 8W output per speaker, a NICAM stereo for better audio, and the TV supports all audio formats such as AAC, Dolby Digital, MP3, and WAV. On the other hand, Lloyd 40-inch LED TV have an output of 7W per speaker and do not have Dolby Digital for enhanced sound quality. Thus, in terms of audio quality, a Sony 40-inch LED TV offers better performance.


  • Price

This Sony LED TV is priced higher at Rs.49,000 as compared to the Lloyd LED TV that is priced at Rs.29,000. However, both these brands offer quality assurance, and Lloyd gives you a 3-year warranty, while Sony gives you a 1-year warranty on your TV.


Now that you know the basic differences between the Lloyd L40FIK 40-inch LED TV and the Sony KLV 40R452A 40-inch LED TV, you can buy one from the EMI Store. Check the pre-approved offer that you can access immediately and get shopping. As well as LED TV Llyod’s other electronics are also very happening. Their ACs are famous for low energy consumption and high cooling capacity. you can read about Top 5 Llyod AC for your home here.