Hoping to start your own podcast?

It’s not as simple as picking up a microphone and recording whatever comes to mind. Stepping into podcast production without a plan is a quick route to failure.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you craft the best podcast show there is. Continue reading our guide below to learn all you need:

Find a Niche

Start by figuring out a viable podcast idea. You can’t run a podcast without targeting a certain audience. Know what that audience likes and focus on creating episodes that they’ll listen to.

Craft your episodes around trending topics within the niche you chose. Use tools like Google Trends, high-volume keywords, questions on Reddit, and polls to help determine which topics to focus on.

Getting the Right Equipment

Launching a new podcast requires using the right equipment. The most important one in your podcasting arsenal is a decent microphone.

Make sure to get a condenser mic and not a dynamic one. The former is better for indoor use. You’ll also need good audio editing software, like Adobe Audition or Audacity.

Marketing Your Podcast

The work of a podcast author doesn’t end after production and editing. You also have to promote your show, otherwise, no one will know it exists.

You can start by uploading your podcast episodes on a podcast directory. These are websites meant to highlight shows.

Keep in mind that every directory has different restrictions. Some might not allow you to upload episodes longer than 30 minutes, for example.

Don’t forget to run an SEO-friendly website and take advantage of social media platforms to further promote your podcast. If you want to monetize your podcast, you should consider using paid ads as well.

Work on Collaborations

Every podcast needs good guests. Inviting a popular guest will bring credibility to your show. Guesting on another podcast company show will introduce their audiences to your content.

Join and build a community for your show too. Launch a Discord server and get listeners to gather together. Keep everyone updated on Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms.

Hiring Professional Help

It’s no secret that crafting a good podcast requires a lot of time, skills, and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to handle all of it alone. You can hire a podcast producer or agency to help you out.

Professional podcast production services will handle things like finding guests, promoting your show, or editing your recordings. If you’ve got a lot to manage, hiring professionals to help is a good second option.

Start Your Podcast Production

Now you know what you need to launch a professional podcast production. Find your niche, buy the right gear, work with others, and hire experts when needed.

That said, there’s a lot more to learn when it comes to technology or running a business. Fortunately, we’ve got posts that tackle a wide variety of topics. We invite you to continue reading to discover the tips and tricks you need.