Alcohol is a double-edged sword. People who drink alcohol often become spiritually dependent on alcohol, which is commonly known as “addiction.” Alcohol addiction poses a serious threat to people’s heal

th. Mild cases can cause alcoholic liver, the alcoholic liver will further develop into liver cirrhosis, and later it will further develop into liver cancer, which is life-threatening. It seems that abstaining from alcohol is a top priority. The alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Pune may help people to avoid drinking and consuming drugs.

If long-term drinkers stop drinking suddenly, they may have Alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which may include symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, general fatigue, rapid heartbeat, night sweats, increased blood pressure and body temperature, or irritability, eyes, and lips. You may need to seek the assistance of a doctor and cooperate with a professional alcohol withdrawal plan.

Quitting alcohol will not only restore personal health but also benefit the happiness and harmony of family members. So how to successfully quit drinking? How to make abstinence more “comfortable”? Here are three tips for you and friends and relatives who are quitting drinking.


As the saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”, a person must first have his own beliefs if he wants to succeed in doing something. You must first establish a firm belief: I can definitely quit drinking successfully. After the belief is established, the next step is to take action. The first step of the action is to clean up all the alcohol in the house, leaving no droplets, which reduces the possibility of drinking this behavior from the root cause.

Although this method is simple, straightforward, and rude, it is only suitable for people with mild alcohol addiction, and not for people with severe alcohol addiction. People who are heavily addicted to alcohol, should not be too hasty, eat a fat man in one bite, and gradually reduce the amount.

How to put it into action in the next step? Try the alternative method and the interest transfer method. An alternative method, replacing wine with tea, is the best choice for banquets. Replacing wine with tea can not only reduce drinking but also avoid the adverse effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Supervise by Professional Experts

Of course, a person’s self-discipline is limited, self-control is limited, and sometimes there are times when willpower is weak and can’t persist. What should we do at this time? The second tip is here. You need to seek help from the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Pune, and let them supervise your abstinence behavior. How to let professionals supervise you? First let them know that you are abstaining from drinking, and hope they can help you.

When professionals at an alcohol rehabilitation centre in Pune know your purpose of giving up alcohol and are working hard to give up alcohol, they will subconsciously help you. For example, friends and family will try to avoid alcohol when eating with you, drink fruit juice drinks when you can drink fruit juice drinks, or use tea instead of wine. Relatives and friends will try to avoid inviting you to a drinking meal and reduce your exposure to alcohol.

Similarly, friends and family will block and admonish you when they see you secretly drinking. Of course, they will also appreciate and encourage you to stop drinking.