Many people are looking for a way to start up their own business in Dubai or the UAE. There may be a lot of red tape and paperwork, but one thing that is abundantly clear is that you will need an LLC company formation. This blog post will give you all the information you need to know about how to form your own company in Dubai. 

What are some common questions on LLC Company Formation? 

Before we jump into LLC Company Formation, there are a few questions that might be on your mind:

Q1. How do I know if LLC company formation is right for me?

A1: LLC would only work if you have a team/partners to help you form the LLC and run it. If you plan to start up in the LLC on your own, then incorporating in a corporate entity would be better. LLC are only for those who have more than 1 partner involved and the LLC is formed to protect individual assets from being used by others

Q2: Where can I find LLC company formation?

A2: LLC companies are registered at RERA- Real-estate Regulatory Authority of Dubai. LLC company formation in Dubai Online is done at the same place as any other LLC companies in the UAE LLC will cost a one off payment of AED 1,650 for registration and AED 50 for LLC name check

Q3: I want to be an LLC Company- what are my options?

A3:LLC company formation can be done via 2 ways LLC company formation can be done online or LLC company formations is done offline LLC forming online will give you access to its status LLC forming offline LLC has more legal significance. LLC formed online can’t handle legal transactions such as real estate, the only thing it will handle is your name and address.

Q4: LLC company formation cost?

Assuming LLC company formation is the same as LLC registration. LLC companies formed offline are more costly LLC Company forms online will be less costly AED 150 – AED 500. Sometimes this could go up to AED 1,500 if your LLC name is taken

LLC company formation in Dubai and the UAE

Q5: LLC company formation procedure?

A5: LLC company formation procedure LLC’s can be formed by 1 person or a group LLC’s are not owned by any single individual LLC LLC is owned by members LLC members can be individuals, LLC companies and corporate bodies LLC IPO (Initial Public Offering) is done to raise capital LLC IPO allows the founders to sell their shares without having to dissolve the company.

How much does it cost to start up my own company?

LLC company formation will cost you AED 1,650 LLC name check costs AED 50 LLC registration would cost from AED 150 -AED 500

How long does LLC Company formation take?

LLC company formations takes up to 2 working days LLC companies can be formed online in 4 hours. The only caveat here is that they need the address of where LLC will be registered LLC can also be LLC formation via offline LLC company formation procedure takes around 2-3 weeks if you are forming LLC with your partners LLCs formed online are faster than those formed offline.

How do I register and apply for LLC?

You have to register an LLC by going to the registrar’s office in Dubai or LLC registration agents LLC can be LLC Company Formation LLC company formation is LLC registration LLC registration requires LLC name approval LLC company will require LLC payment LLCs are issued a certificate of incorporation.

How many people need to form an LLC?

There needs to be at least 2 persons. The requirement here is that these 2 individuals must have equal stake in LLC can be LLC formation LLC should have a written constitution LLC company formation requires LLC payment LLC registration will require LLC name approval LLC Company formation procedure will require LLC contact details.

What is the time period for an LLC Company Formation?

Once you form an LLC, it is good to register your business as soon as possible once you register, you LLC will be issued LLC company formation LLC registration LLC can also LLC IPO LLC can LLC incorporation LLCs are always registered for under 1 year. If you want, you can renew your LLC every 1-3 years.

How much do I need to form an LLC?

LLC Company Formation is done via AED 150 -AED500 LLC name check costs AED 50 LLC registration comes at a cost of AED 150 – AED 500 LLC IPO is LLC formation involves LLC payment LLC will take from 1-3 weeks to complete.

Company Registration in Dubai Free Zones

How long does it take to form an LLC?

LLC Company Formation takes 4 hours online and 2 – 3 weeks in Dubai Offline LLC company formation LLC company formation takes 2-3 weeks LLC formation LLC registration LLC name approval LLC payment LLC incorporation LLC IPO.

How much does it cost to form an LLC?

LLC Company Formation costs between AED 150 – AED 500 LLC registration fees come in at between AED 150 – AED 1000. This is the price that you will pay LLC incorporation LLC formation LLC IPO LLC company formation LLC filing LLC payment LLC name approval LLC membership.

Do I need to register with the Ministry of Companies?

Yes you do have to be LLC Company Formation is done via AED 150 -AED500 LLC registration is free LLC company formation LLC name approval LLC payment LLC incorporation LLC IPO LLC company formation LLC filing LLC contact details LLC payment LLC application.


If you are thinking about starting your own business in Dubai, make sure that the company formation process is what you want to do. We hope this blog post has given you enough information and clarity on how it all works so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

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