The board exam session starts in June/July and ends in March/April. Students prepare their plans for the entire year to score good marks in the board exams. The most crucial factor in the plan is to gather the study material. Students mostly seem to be confused about which resource to study.

Students purchase various local author books and start following them most of the time. It is good to study from reliable sources. Most often, teachers advise the students to follow the NCERT Textbooks. After solving the NCERT solution, you can refer to other books to practise different types of problems and questions. Students can also take the help of NCERT solutions for English to learn speech topics, grammar, etc.

NCERT, which stands for National Council of Education Research and Training, has made a unique name in education, becoming the best textbook distributor at the primary and secondary levels. While preparing for exams, NCERT textbooks are stand-alone books that are highly useful for the students and are considered the best for scoring more than 95% marks on the boards. Students should study these books in detail and cover every line from them. Before jumping to any other reference book, students should thoroughly consider the NCERT Books.

Benefits of Studying through NCERT

There are various reasons why students are being advised to study from NCERT. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Syllabus – The NCERT books are based on the board’s latest syllabus.
  2. Question Papers -The board exam question papers are set from the NCERT books only.
  3. Expert Teachers – The  NCERT books are being designed by a team of experienced teachers & professors who have expertise in their respective subjects.
  4. NCERT Questions are Asked in the Exam – Board question papers are prepared by referring to NCERT books. The textbook provides all the problems and solutions, and for this reason, these books prove to be of great use to students.
  5. NCERT Books Enough to Score Good Marks – When it comes to scoring good marks in the Class 10 Board exams, NCERT textbooks are the best resource to refer to. NCERT books clear concepts and provide all the contents according to the syllabus. NCERT, along with textbooks, also provides solutions such as NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science, Maths, English, etc. Students can refer to these solutions while solving NCERT textbook questions.

For students, it is always better to stick to NCERT Books instead of referring to other additional study materials. The points mentioned above are only a few. Apart from this, there are many more advantages that you will find once you start studying from NCERT Books. The activities and questions described in the books, apart from the exercise, also play an essential role in grasping the basics of the concepts taught in that chapter. Through this, comprehending and logical thinking develops in the student’s mind. Also, students could be able to correlate it to the practical application. For students, it is always better to stick to NCERT Books instead of referring to other additional study materials. Students can access NCERT solutions for all subjects to understand topics like speech on environment for English, etc.

The “NCERT Book Enough for Board Exams” mainly arises for Maths. In relevant to the Maths subject, it is said that the more you practise, the more concepts will get developed. So, students should first practise all the maths questions provided in the exercise and the miscellaneous questions. And while practising, students should make sure that they do not see the NCERT Solution Class 10 Science. After practising this, they can start solving questions from other books. If students follow this studying method, they will surely get good marks in the board exams.