To say that education gets over as soon as the school finishes it will be an understatement. Education is considered as a weapon to improve the quality of one’s life. It is one of the shaping tools that make ones life-changing. If I talk about education in India then it will become one of the most fascinating stories for every child. This article briefly presents education as it was during the different ages in India. The ages have been categorized into ancient, medieval and modern India. Education in ancient India has always been believed to be very disciplined and well-organized, dating back to sometime during 3rd century B.C. That time traditional and religious knowledge were used to be the main subject for learning.

Palm trees and tree barks were the writing pads for the students present in Gurukul, and the oral teaching was used to be given by sages and scholars. Education in India had become important because of the bond created between the Guru and the student in terms of knowledge passed through generations to generations. The main subjects of teaching were religion, philosophy, warfare, medicine, and astrology. The interesting fact of that time was the availability for all the students.

The beginning of education started in the first millennium and saw some years before the foundation universities like the Takshashila University, Nalanda University, Vikramshila University and Ujjain. Each university had a different goal with a particular subject as Takshashila focused on medicine, the university in Ujjain on astronomy and Nalanda dealt with almost all the branches of study.

Education soon widely spread in the villages with the availability of schools in the 18th century. Education determines the quality of a person’s life. With education, one can improve knowledge, skills, personality and attitude. A highly educated individual is probably very likely to get a good job.

Education provides the stability and no one can take this from you. Once you are educated and holding a college degree, you are good enough in shaping your life in a better way and create better job opportunities. Apart from this, education provides financial security, in today era. You can update the skills as per your requirement.

In order for the entire world to really become equal, it needs to start with education. No gaps will be generated if all people provided with equal opportunities to education, then there would be few gaps between the social classes. It allows you to take independent decisions.

It is truly said that if you dream it, you can achieve it. Education is the most powerful weapon that can make anything possible, only a person needs to be patient. Education is important for society but it becomes more important when someone completely transforms his life.

Education on a wider picture teaches every single human the difference between right and wrong that helps in maintaining peace at home, workplace, and public places. It enables you to think independently and wise decision-making ability. It can help you and keep safe from risky situations. It gives confidence while taking any major decision in life as the more educated a person is a better decision he can take. Also, the level of knowledge interrelates with the education level means how much professionally you are educated and what makes you different from another.

Better confidence comes with the best education and experience which you lived but with that, you develop the skill to communicate with anyone easily rather than remain silent and do not utter a single road. You can motivate anyone if your mental health is good as the inspiration to any needy person makes his or her life change.

If you are highly educated or educated then society also gives you respect and listens to you. With a strong personality, you can set an example in your society that how much you are worth if you are educated. People listen to you, care about you, share their knowledge with you and sometimes even invite you in their get together small parties.

No one can imagine a picture of any country which is not so educated. Poor literacy rate affects the economic growth of the country. As a results population don’t have knowledge of proper rights and fundamentals which are really important. Innovative research, constant change in technology and upgraded knowledge always helps a person to cope up with the changing pace of the country globally. Better literacy rates create better opportunities and contribute to the growth and development of a country.

Students are the coming future so for them, education is a must. An uneducated student not only disheartens with the opportunities which he never able to grab but with the living standard of his nearby area. Educated students can take better decisions as compared to the uneducated students, as they know the difference between right and wrong, what is good and what is bad for their life.

The importance of education in student life creates many opportunities. It offers him to explore the life the way he wants to but it’s totally depended upon him how he utilizes the time. Education also provides students with knowledge such as how to produce artwork and make music.  Education helps students who are weak in decision making by pushing those more and more to find a solution to a problem.  Education helps to sharpen the thinking ability of students who are not good or dumb, due to the teaching methods and innovative way in some of the schools in Gurgaon students love to do homework. Also, the teachers spend time with the students so that they perform well in the examination.

Life is very challenging and one needs to be educated for that. Students who study in school and become educated society respects such students and their parents also get attention from the society members or near and dear ones. Education is important for students, a student without an educated has no such knowledge between good and bad things. He can choose any path to lead his life, better schooling and better future lead to a good life.