Have you been dealing with chronic pain that just won’t quit? Have you tried every other option and feel at a loss for what to try next? Why not CBD strains?

You may have some apprehension about trying something from the marijuana plant for your pain, but there’s a lot of unnecessary stigmas attached to CBD. Keep reading to find out the best CBD strains for your type of pain.

Best CBD Strains

When you begin researching the best CBD strains it’s important that the best strain for you depends on what you’re looking for. Different CBD strains enhance different areas of your life and psychology. So consider the effect that you want before settling on a CBD strain.

Follow the link if you want to know what does CBD feel like in general. There are many misconceptions about CBD because people don’t know that the “high” feeling from marijuana comes from the THC. The above article can lead in the direction of better understanding the best strain for you.

Best CBD Strain for Depression

The best CBD strain for depression is Harle-Tsu (10% CBD, Max 1% THC) which is cross of two other CBD strains. It mostly works to give you a light buzz and relaxation rather than a high. You’ll feel relaxed while remaining motivated which makes it great for depression and other mental illnesses which inhibit productivity and motivation.

Best CBD Strain for Arthritis Pain

Although the strain, Ringo’s Gift, offers a slight high, you can get strains with a low enough ratio of THC that you will barely notice its effects. Instead, you’ll find that this strain offers a sense of relaxation and pain relief that doesn’t prevent you from going about your day as normal.

Many people suffering from arthritis find this strain to be an effective treatment because it treats their symptoms while leaving them alert enough to go about their day. 

Best CBD Strain for Cancer Treatment

The strain, ACDC, has one of the highest CBD to THC ratios which makes it one of the best high CBD low THC strains. Users describe it as giving a calm, euphoric feeling.

It also treats symptoms of inflammation and neuropathy which makes it great for people receiving chemotherapy treatment or for chronic pain sufferers.

Best CBD Strains for Seizures

The Charlotte’s Web strain has no high feeling component because of its low THC which made it a figurehead for the legalization of high CBD strains. This strain typically comes in oil instead of being smoked.

It’s incredibly effective against seizures and muscle spasms because of the relaxation it causes in the body without a high. It’s safe to use consistently and you don’t need to worry about brain function while under its influence.

Best CBD Strains for You

After reading this guide, you should have a better idea of how CBD affects your body. You definitely don’t have to worry about a high if you choose one of the above strains, and you can always ask your local dispensary for more information and the best cbd strains for your symptoms.

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