The city is known for vibrant nightlife, enjoyable locals, and a tasty food scene, Osaka is a well-known spot in all the Japanese itineraries. The main city Osaka is situated on Honshu island. This spot is not like other sports in the country like Kyoto and not as traditional or picturesque, but still, such a worthy place to visit in Japan.

Well, This is the place best for the foodie and also know as one of the best food scenes all over Japan. So, why wait just add Osaka to your list and check the cheap emirates airlines flights ticket and save more on booking to reach Osaka Kansai International Airport, and start exploring museums, galleries, and amusement parks all over the city. All of these are some of the best parts of the country that you shouldn’t miss.

Highlighting the Best Things to Do in Osaka

· Rotating Shushi 

Japan is known for its sushi but recently rotating sushi has become popular. It is a must-try when visiting Japan and Osaka has a few rotating sushi restaurants.

· Visit Universal studios in Japan

As the best-themed parks in japan, Universal Studios in Japan give a very enjoyable vibe. Come here and enjoy the magical world of Harry potter.

· Osaka Kaiyukan 

Osaka aquarium is the biggest public aquarium in the world and one of the most beautiful.

· Fushimi Imari 

Fushimi Inari is located in Kyoto, known to be the most beautiful and famous shrines in Japan. It has and has hundreds of tori gates and scenery straight out of a movie, the end of the gate will also give you a beautiful Kyoto view.

· Eat at Tsujiri

Famous for their green tea and very popular, Tsujiri is usually full, so you may have to wait in line but it will be totally worth the wait. 

· Kiyomizu Dera temple 

One of the most famous temples and is known to be very big. It offers a lot of street foods and souvenir shops along with the temple.

· Buy your own Omamori 

Omamori is a good luck charm for business, studies, love, and career 

· Try Cream puff

The cream puff is a dessert that is crunchy on the outside and very soft and fluffy on the inside.

· Visit Gion

Gion has glaciers in some of its and especially abundant with the right season. Gion also has a lot of traditional authentic restaurants. 

· Eat Okonomiyaki 

A Japanese pancake Osaka style, filled with cabbage and toppings of choice.

· Dine in the river of Kibuen 

A must-see destination in summer offers a very relaxing, peaceful, and tranquil vibe.

· Try Nagashi Somen 

Nagashi Somen is a restaurant that offers noodles that runs along with a long bamboo where you can catch with your chopsticks

· Arashiyama 

Arashiya is a bamboo forest and has a picturesque, peaceful, and beautiful view.

· Eath Green Tea Dessert

Kyoto is famous for using the green match as a flavor for almost every dessert

· Fire ramen

Experience fire ramen where they will literally put your ramen on fire.

· China town 

Only free china town in the country and has a long street of Chinese restaurants and usually very crowded.

· Kobe Port

Kobe port is really nice and a beautiful area, with scenic views. Kobe port is a good place to relax and unwind, away from the bustling city.

· Cable bar

Is a very adventurous way to Mount Rokko.

· Visit Mount Rokko

Mount Rokko has an observatory where you can see the beautiful view of Osaka Kyoto and Kobe in bird’s eye view

· Explore Kyoto

Travelers can visit a mecca of temples in Osaka.

Last Words

We’ve shared all the best things to do in Osaka that you can do on your visit. The famous and must-see attractions of Osaka totally worth visit, and explore some hidden spots that you won’t find in any travel guides. So, book malaysia airlines reservations right away and save 20% OFF on every booking to reach Osaka. Book now and start exploring the best of Osaka on your own.