No doubt, traditional rugs have been designed over a long time. In early times these rugs were not available at all places. However, today you can buy these rugs at any rug store. Indeed they are handmade rugs. Initially, they were only handmade, but nowadays, they are also machine-designed. Now, you can get these rugs in a huge quantity at any rug store.

Despite the fact, they are traditional; they are famous around the world. However, these rugs are too expensive. Because they are crafted with a lot of care and love, it almost takes months to years to complete one rug. Remember, you can never get two same rugs that are handmade. On the other hand, traditional machine-made rugs exist in a vast quantity. You can have so many rugs with the same color, design, and style.

Traditional rugs at a rug store 

All of the traditional rugs are made of natural materials. In most cases, they are of wool, silk, or cotton. All the rugs are unique. Also, they are cherished across the globe. This is mainly due to their incredible beauty. We are here today with a list of the best traditional rugs. Well, if you are at any rug store in USA, keep these rugs in mind. So, you are ready to go:

1. Dark red area rug

Red rugs are lovely. Indeed they add a royal look to any place. Moreover, these rugs with intricate patterns look gorgeous. So, they add a unique vibe to your bedrooms and lounge.

2. Floral area rug

With its magnificent piece of art, this floral rug will add grace to any dull, empty, or ample space. Peshawar Ziegler is the perfect piece to lighten up any decor with its light tone and delicate designs. Traditional themes like daisies and guavas are enhanced with incredibly realistic floral and natural themes in these wool rugs.

3. Blue area rug

Probably, blue is everyone’s favorite; these drugs have colorful borders. Indeed they have served as the best focal point. This is a modern color and complements well in the contemporary decor. Moreover, they have complex borders. No doubt, these antique pieces serve as the focal point in your home

4. Multicolor Area Rug

It is an appealing rug by the intricate designs of various shapes and sizes in gorgeous shades of brilliant orange, yellow, and blue. If you’re looking for a focal point for your floors, this is the one to go for. Our artisans diligently crafted this piece for you to enjoy for a long time.

 5. Light blue area rug

No doubt, blue is bold and loverly. It adds vibrancy to any space. Well, they are perfect for a modern touch. Moreover, they have a great look and design. So, to choose any rug, select the area first. Keep in mind they are perfect for the indoors and outdoors.


 6. Buy a light Red area rug at a rug store

This is one of the perfect rugs. Along with stylish colors, styles, and patterns, they are best for all homes. No doubt, this is one of the perfect colors. This is a well-suited color for every space. Also, they are durable and soft. Moreover, you can pair these rugs with any decor and style. Indeed, this color adds a unique visual appeal.

7. Ziegler Area Rug

This is one of the stylish rugs. Indeed, they have a luxurious touch. Moreover, you can buy the designer’s Ziegler area rug. You can add these rugs in both wood and vinyl types. With this rug, you can add a classic and sleek look. No doubt, this rug has been popular for centuries.

 8. Black area rug

This area rug adds excellent drama to any place. Indeed they have unique patterns. You can get delicate colors. However, you can get many shapes as well. Also, this antique color is a perfect choice. Moreover, design history also speaks loud for these rugs.

9. Pink area rug

It’s entirely possible; you do not have the best rug. For instance, you don’t have the one that is simple as well as formal. However, to get the best effect, you can add light and muted tones. No doubt these rugs add an outstanding style. Indeed they work perfectly in traditional and modern homes. 

10- Tan area rug

Perhaps, tan is one of the best additions to any home. They have tan and navy colors. Moreover, you can also buy nature-inspired colors and patterns. Well, you can also buy delicate designs. Well, you can add these rugs to any flooring, for instance, tile or wood. Of course, these rugs add a fantastic flair to any place. 

11. Brown Persian area rug

These rugs are lovely. However, if you are searching for a delicate brown rug, you can visit rug gallery Columbus. These rugs add a visual depth to any space. Moreover, they have beautiful color patterns. Also, you can add primary colors such as walnut or beige; they are perfect floor covers for wooden floors.

12. Red area rug

Woah, red is a fantastic color. This rug adds drama and fun at the same time. Well, they add a luxurious vibe. Moreover, they add a soft and plush look. Red traditional rugs are highly durable. Furthermore, they have synthetic touch. Indeed they are a perfect choice for high traffic areas.

13. Ivory area rug

Well, ivory color is one of the best area rugs. Also, these rugs have a dark border. Moreover, they have simple floral patterns. Indeed these rugs perfectly complement the space. 


At a rug store, you can get a wide variety of traditional rugs. You can get hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and handmade rugs. However, if you are buying the rugs from an online rug store, always check the security. Moreover, match the style, color, and shape. Last but not least, Persian rugs are one of the most adorable rugs ever. Lastly, these rugs are highly durable and long-lasting.