There are many kitchen styles to follow these days. From modern to traditional to rustic kitchens, all are fantastic choices for your home. While contemporary style is still in trend, country kitchens are back in the game. Well, country style is another name for rustic kitchens. In this case, CCC cabinets have the best wooden cabinets to create this design.

Moreover, this style refers to an aesthetic that shows a rustic farmhouse look. Also, this style got fame due to its simple, vintage outlook. The color palette of a country-style kitchen has pastels and bright colors. You will find rocking wood material in its design. A wooden or floral tile floor adds original flavor to your cooking area.

So, if you want to have an authentic country-style kitchen, stick to this post. Here are some main features to create a country kitchen:

  1. Natural wood cabinets
  2. CCC cabinets storage
  3. A simple white island/counter
  4. Warm and bright colors
  5. A deep farm sink
  6. Large glass windows

1. Natural wood kitchen cabinets:

The main focus of a country-style area is natural wood. You will find this element in its cabinets, island, and even floor. Also, the rustic style features natural wood cabinets. In general, they go from the ground to the ceiling like tall cabinets. It uses iron handles for a rich taste. 

Moreover, you will see fine craftsmanship. Cherry, maple, and oak are favorite materials in natural wood. But, pine with its knotty, rustic look, is also well suited. It also incorporates antique detail and wood carving for a farm feel. 

2. CCC cabinet storage:

Country style features cabinet storage. You must be thinking all cabinets are alike. Well, no. This kitchen style has furniture-like cabinets. For that, CCC cabinets can create the best rustic look with their quality cabinets. Their glass door wooden cabinets will enhance the look of your space.

In addition, these cabinets have exposed frames. They add more space and light into the kitchen. Also, their cabinetry and open shelves display all the glass and chinaware. You can opt for a free island with no upper cabinets. Or, you can go for an entire wall of wooden cabinets.

3. A simple white island/counter:

Well, there are many choices in countertops. In general, country kitchens use white kitchen slabs or tiles. No doubt, the dark wood cabinetry looks stunning with a white counter or island. It gives a fresh accent to this design. Moreover, you can create the best white country kitchen by using white stained j&k cabinets online

4. Warm and bright colors:

Usually, people opt for white because it gives a more spacious and uniform look. Plus, the natural light adds more beauty to it. But, adding warm colors like beige, grey, and cream is also a good idea. In addition, you can keep every color like natural wood.

Remember that country kitchens are close to nature. They use inspiring and warm colors. Even the rugs or mats you use will make a good impact on the theme. This style is far from modern kitchens, so keep it subtle. 

5. A deep farm sink:

If you want to make it original, go for deep farm sinks. No mount sinks are in this country style. A typical sink style will do the trick. So, the farm sinks are also known as apron sinks as they are large in size. In addition, they are supposed to work for large families. That is why these small details add to the country-style kitchens. And they have a welcoming appeal.


6. Large glass kitchen windows:

The best part about country kitchens is that they are close to nature. So, if you have a garden, go for this style. When your door opens to the greenery, you will find it fun to cook. Usually, these kitchens have glass doors that open into the backyard. 

Moreover, these doors allow natural light and air to pass through the whole area. In this way, you can add more beauty to its simple yet impressive look. This style is perfect for large family gatherings. 


Well, who wouldn’t like to have a cup of tea or coffee in a country-style kitchen? Simple and sturdy, rustic kitchens have the best visual appeal. Also, it offers a better place than our modern breakfasts. CCC cabinets add wooden texture to the area. So, you can have the best storage and style in one place. If you want to feel closer to nature, go for the country style. To learn more about this style, check out the kitchen design gallery.