It can be difficult to watch the dog that has been by your side for so many years grow older. Many dogs experience certain health and mobility issues as they age, making this time in their life a tricky one in many ways. However, regardless of how old they get, your dog is your companion, and you want to give them the very best care possible.

In order to do this, you will need to adjust how you care for your dog as they age in order to meet their new set of needs. With the right changes and considerations on your part, you can keep your dog happy and healthy for longer to help them age gracefully.

If your dog has started to show signs of aging and you would like to make certain adjustments in order to care for them better, here are a few tips to consider so that your senior dog can stay as happy and healthy as possible.

Talk to a Vet

The first thing you should do when you notice that your dog is starting to transition into their senior years is to have a conversation with your veterinarian. A reliable and qualified vet will offer you the initial guidance and advice that you need to meet their needs.

Furthermore, your dog might very well need to start seeing the vet on a more routine basis so as to catch any issues as they start to develop. The fact of the matter is that the best approach to your dog’s healthcare as they approach their later years is a proactive one. By catching certain common conditions early, you can treat them sooner and give your dog a better chance of aging more comfortably.

You can find an Easy Vet clinic to take your senior dog to in your area so that you can get the initial guidance that you need to care for them in the best ways possible.

Make Your House More Accessible

As your dog gets older, you will notice its mobility change a bit. They might not want as long of walks or be able to jump up on the sofa with the gusto that they once had. As soon as you notice these changes taking place, you will want to take steps towards making your home more accessible for your dog.

For instance, if your pup has a habit of napping on the bed, you might consider purchasing a ramp or some steps that your dog can use to more easily get up and off the bed on their own. This can also be helpful for dogs who prefer to lounge on the sofa.

Some dogs experience a deterioration of their eyesight as they get older as well. Because of this, you should look to keep all hallways and walkways through your home clear and open to reduce the likelihood that they will trip or stumble over obstacles, especially at night.