During the spring and summer, mosquitoes, flies, and other attacking insects can be more than just an irritation. In addition to their venomous bites, they can transmit various dangerous diseases.

One of the best-kept secrets of fly protection and midsummer comfort is the existence of fly rugs. Allow your pony to enjoy time in the pasture without getting plagued by mosquitoes with these breathable, lightweight blankets. In addition to protecting you against mosquitoes and other biting insects, the versatile fly sheet does more! Finding out how to fly rugs for horses can benefit your horse by reading on.

Remove Pests

Insects can’t get through a fly rug since it’s a physical barrier. Flies can’t get to your horse since the cloth is difficult for them to bite through. Furthermore, the constant movement of the fly sheet keeps insects away from the pony.

Some fly sheets contain additional repellent measures in the fabric itself. Other rugs have a different strategy of defence. Spray the rug before putting it on your horse if it is allergic to fly sprays. Using fly repellent on a horse’s skin reduces the chance of skin irritation.

The Sun Shines

Say goodbye to sunburns and unsightly garments tainted by exposure to the sun. UV protective materials are commonly found in the construction of most fly rugs, including waterproof fly rugs. Because they reflect sunlight and prevent dark horses’ coats from becoming sun-bleached, these textiles help keep your horse show ring ready.

Ponies with lighter coats are less likely to show UV bleaching, but they are still at risk from the sun’s harmful rays. Insect bites can cause rashes, sunburns, and even skin cancer. If your horse’s skin is pink, it is more vulnerable to sunburn and equine melanoma.

Feeling Good in Your Skin

Your horse’s coat may suffer throughout the summer months due to the heat. Adding a few flies to the mix will only make things worse. For example, large red markings or open wounds on your horse’s skin could attract even more insects to the area where it was bitten. The use of a fly rug shields the irritated skin and helps it heal naturally without insects depositing eggs or otherwise interfering.

The sheath area of stallions and geldings might be affected by bug bites. It is common for bites in these areas to be contagious, and they can last the entire fly season. To protect the delicate tissues in these ponies’ bellies, look for fly sheets for horses with wide belly bands.

While in Motion

Rides don’t mean you have to give up the comforts of your pet’s fly rug, though. Fly rugs explicitly manufactured for riding are available in several styles. With these sheets, you’ll be able to focus on your horse’s well-being instead of pests. These clever rugs don’t restrict movement to ensure that you and your horse can communicate effectively.

In Conclusion

Cover your horse from all angles this summer with fly rugs. To allow your pony to live out his days in peace, keep the pests away from him. A simple answer to many equestrians’ problems, fly rugs protect against pests, sunburn, and irritation.