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Category: FASHION

Pokeball engagement ring

Why consider getting an alternative engagement ring 

If you are looking to pleasantly surprise your fiancée to be, then an alternative engagement ring like a gothic ring or a Pokeball engagement ring might be a good idea. Why is this so? Well, there are several reasons for this that we shall discuss…

Five major perks of online delivery

Five Major Perks of Online Delivery 

Flowers are one of the gifts of nature. They help us in the expression of emotion as well. You can find number of flowers which depends on different occasions, depending on its colour and availability .Red rose is used to symbolize love, yellow is for…


Shop More, And Save More- Online Shopping 

From a recent survey, it is found that only a few percent of the online shoppers actually know that they can get discounts on their product. Be it an electronic item, air tickets or fashionable clothings, if you are not using discount coupons, then you…


Do You Need A Well-Designed Handmade Wedding Ring? 

Over the years, jewelleries have been used as fashion accessories all over the world. Jewelleries are decorative items that can be worn by anyone, no matter the age or sex. The most popular types of jewelleries worn on parts of the body include rings, bracelets,…


The Best Ways to Dress up for Your Wedding 

Weddings are the most important occasion of any woman’s life. She waits for this day since her childhood. She dreams of this day from her childhood and generally all women plans every minute details of her wedding since her childhood. She wants to look the…


4 Easy Steps on How to Dress up Articulated Mannequins 

Mannequins have made their mark on the fashion industry in the recent past. Presently they are utilized by almost every fashion brand in order to make their display windows look more attractive and relatable to the customers and attract them in their stores with the…