A beautiful home is a dream for all and making the home beautiful is an ongoing process. Many decorative options are now available, and decorative wall stickers are the ideal option to give your home a new look in an expensive way. The biggest advantage of wall posters is that they can be easily removed and placed anywhere you like. Decorated wall stickers are extremely useful for tenants who live in the house, where the homeowner does not allow any kind of painting or interior designing, paintings and artwork can turn into wall stickers of your choice. Vinyl graphics are easy to install and an affordable way to decorate a fence, door or mirror. These posters are available in a variety of attractive colours and designs.

Decorative wall stickers can be cartoon characters, leaves, flowers and a variety of other categories. Trim them and position them as many times as you like without losing the sticker or damaging the bottom surface. The posters can be removed when you leave the house, stick them back of the original sheet and take them with you to your next location. These posters are washed with water and mild soap to keep them fresh and clean year after year.

The Right Rug: A strong and well-chosen rug enhances the colour scheme and in addition

also absorbs sound in hardwood rooms. If your floor is in good condition, you may want to leave it exposed. If you do this, it’s important to keep stick-on felt pads on the legs of your chairs to extend the life of your floor and small, washable rugs in high traffic areas under kitchen sinks, front doors, etc. If your newly made floor is in bad condition, you don’t necessarily have to re-carpet or re-do the hardwood work.

There are several less expensive options: Install tiles only in high traffic areas leaving the rest of the hardwood intact. Hire a hardwood repair specialist for spot-replacement and re- staining of stained, burnt or rusted areas. Carpet the area in the affected places and compliment with a painting.

Selection Process: There are several advantages to using large area rugs on your hardwood floors:

Anchored by a blanket will make the room feel warmer and feel more pulled together.

The rug helps to absorb the growing noise and echoes generated in a house with a hard wood floor. A well-chosen floor enhances your colour scheme and home decor. This will protect the floors from scratches and wear.

The first step in choosing the right carpet or rug and complementing it with abstract looks good.  Now it   is to determine where you want to place it and the size you need. Make sure your furniture is in the best possible arrangement for the house. Place the newspapers on the floor and start covering the required area of the carpet. Start small and spread the paper until it looks like the best coverage. Set the minimum and maximum acceptable size and align it. Most rugs come in standard sizes but there are variations, so it helps to know the range of sizes that can work in the room. The décor should enhance the decor of the house by echoing the colour scheme and style and should be an integral part of the overall design, not just the focal point.