Clenbuterol has always helped people to eliminate excess fat from the body and to promote lean physique but there is always a room for more. For rapid and comparatively safe result, Clenbuterol is often stacked with Trenbolone to produce massive change in the cutting phase and provide some amazing result in stimulating fat loss.

Clenbuterol is an incredible beta andrenergic agonist that plays a major role in helping you with removing the excess fat from the body while Trenbolone is responsible to bring about giant and lean body in just no time. While these drugs can provide great result, the side effects associated with it can be very dreadful.  These are one of the most potent steroids on the market and hence, it is necessary to be wary while using it. However, you can achieve exceptional fat loss results with Clen/Tren.

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How Clenbuterol and Trenbolone stack work?

As both the drugs has excellent fat burning properties, stacking both together can lead to maximum fat loss while keeping the muscle mass intact. However, this stack is quite risky as both the drugs can lead to heart muscle enlargement but by sticking to short-term cycles; there is nothing to be worried.  This stack is an extremely popular bodybuilder as is can provide you with a toned and ripped physique in a short span of time. There would hardly be any professional bodybuilder who has not heard of this stack.

Trenbolone is even used for bulking by professional bodybuilders as it has the ability to provide incredible gain by consuming 500 mg per week. However, if you are stacking it with Clen, the recommended dosage should be this high. Many steroids user who have used this stack are quite satisfied with the result as almost everyone react to it. So, you can achieve great fat loss results with Clen/Tren stack.

But, there are more things to consider as it can significantly change the testosterone level in a negative way. So, it is advisable to take testosterone along with this stack to have y our cycle provide results smoothly without having any major hormonal imbalance. If you are looking to maintain the muscle mass then a dosage of 250mg per week will be enough.  You can take it upto 350 mg /week at the max along with 250 mg of testosterone per week. Taking Trenbolone without Testosterone can trigger various unwanted problems especially Gynecomastia.

A 40 mcg per day of Clenbuterol is a great and safe dosage to start the cycle. Then you can increase t h dosage gradually per day by 20 mcg but you must test your tolerance ever day.  If you are reacting too sensitively to the drug, you must avoid increasing the drug as you may put yourself in danger zone. You must continue this for 2 weeks and then stop it for 2 weeks to regain sensitivity and natural rhythms of the body.  If you don’t use this stack responsibly, the chances of problems like Anxiety, Headaches, Nausea, Dehydration, High blood pressure and cardiac hypertrophy increases.