Washing cars is among the chores most parents often leave to their children. As it’s time-consuming and needs more effort than they deem necessary, lots of kids have assumed this task. The only challenge with the takeover is that majority of the kids lack the understanding of the necessary attention to details that’s required to get a really beneficial car wash. A real car wash in Perth or locally comprises of cleaning, polishing and protecting when concentrating on the exterior. Here are the three steps that must be completed to ensure that the car is safeguarded concerning appeal and appearance.


Majority of individuals who are vehicle owners are of the belief that they must certainly haul the hose out, when the topic concerns cleaning a vehicle during any car wash. Luckily, there are currently several products available in the market which, do not need you to use any water whatsoever when washing your car. A simple spray bottle of car cleaner can be used for all exterior car cleaning purposes. It’s simply sprayed on and then wiped off to eliminate all tar, bug splatter, dirt and other road debris that has accumulated since the previous washing.



This is the second phase of a true and reliable car wash. It is done by spraying the bottled car polish spray onto the vehicle and wiping it off after some time. As you begin and keep wiping it off from the vehicle’s body, the vehicle actually continues to become polished in any area from which you have wiped the polish that was sprayed. Any small imperfections that might have occurred in the paint job when the vehicle was sprayed or painted are effectively buffed out. Any dirt or bug splatters that might have remained because they were not removed during the cleaning stage are also eliminated. Do this at any car wash in Perth and the resultant outcome is that after you finish polishing, most vehicles appear so good that the kid or owner washing the car will feel that he can stop there.



The last and final step in the true and reliable car wash is protection. It is both the most crucial of all the steps and the one that is most neglected by car owners and their kids that wash the cars. If the vehicle is not finally protected, then all the time and efforts invested into seeing that it is cleaned and polished becomes wasted. By investing just a little bit more time and effort to add a coating that protects the vehicle, it becomes safe from any paint damage that can be caused by bud splatter or tar. When the protective coating is applied to the body of the car, it takes on any bashing that comes from bug splatter and tar without allowing it to reach the paint which is then under it.

These are the three elements of a full, true and reliable car wash process. When you begin to ask questions like which is the best car wash near me where I can go to wash my car now? Be sure to visit only options that have these three elements in place so you get the best possible results.