If you have ever passed through the pregnancy phase, you must have listened to people advising you to avoid some normal things and persuading you to do some strange things as well. It is a common belief that science has overcome the old myths and superstitions by providing a basic and solid logic behind everything that happens in this world. But still, new myths keep on rising and getting popular.

After getting pregnant, you have to face several myths as well. So, if you are facing some infertility problems and think taking female or male infertility treatment according to your gender will make the next things easy, then you need to update your thoughts. Once you manage to get pregnant, you have to face foolish myths and follow some illogical rules.

Following are some myths that are related to pregnancy and are debunked by doctors and experts.

1. You Have to Eat Twice

This is one of the funniest myths regarding pregnancy in which the mother is asked to eat twice the normal routine during pregnancy as her body is now carrying one more creature. But doctors have proved it totally wrong. According to modern medical studies, women should have to take only a few calories more than their normal routine during pregnancy. Taking too many calories will increase the weight and that is definitely not good for your health and your upcoming child.

2. It’s Fine to Drink Wine During Pregnancy

This is a quite nonsense myth that suggests that women can drink a glass of wine during pregnancy. But it is clear that drinking wine or any alcoholic thing on a regular basis is not good even during normal days. Then why is someone suggesting to drink it during pregnancy. You should stay away from all types of alcoholic drinks before, during, and after pregnancy. Drinking it while breastfeeding your child can also have severe impacts on your child’s health.

3. Revealing Baby’s Gender on the Basis of Belly

Doctors cannot stop their laughter when some pregnant woman comes to them and says that some of her relatives had told her that she has a girl after seeing my belly. This is completely illogical. There is no scientific evidence that describes the gender of an upcoming baby just by viewing the belly of a pregnant woman.

The only way to find out is to take Ultrasound and other related tests. The size of the belly is just due to the movements of your baby inside.

4. Using Cocoa Butter to Prevent Stretch Marks

Many patients love to use cocoa butter in their diet due to its sweet, chocolaty, and completely delicious taste. But it never means that pregnant women can use it to prevent stretch marks. Stretch marks are common among almost all women during and after pregnancy. But there is no scientific evidence that eating cocoa butter can help you to prevent these marks or to hide them again.

The best method to prevent these marks is to control your weight, which might become difficult during the consumption of a lot of cocoa butter. Complete nutrition, vitamin C and D, and some light exercise can also help you to decrease these stretch marks.

5. Don’t Drink Coffee During Pregnancy

Here comes the myth that is going to hurt many coffee lovers. Many people believed that women should not drink coffee or use any other product made out of it during pregnancy. But before acting on the myth you should be aware of what science and doctors say in this regard.

It is suggested by doctors that you should avoid coffee only during the first 8 to 12 weeks of the pregnancy. As during this period consumption of a lot of coffee can increase the chance of miscarriage. But you can drink it freely after the first trimester. But it never means that you get mad after it and start drinking it in high amounts as the excess of everything is dangerous.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, other myths are also present regarding the treatment of infertility, but you should pursue an appropriate route, such as taking IUI treatment in Lahore in case of infertility, instead of believing those myths.