If you’ve taken the time to inspect your neighbors’ homes lately, you’ve probably noticed that many are sporting solar panels. You might even be curious about generating solar power energy at your own home. The only problem is that you’ve heard so many negative things about having solar panels installed.

There are a ton of myths surrounding the solar industry. Thankfully, we’ve listed some of the biggest ones here. Read on to learn the truth about many of them!

Residential Solar Panels Don’t Work in Cloudy Weather

You might think that you need to live in places like California or Arizona in order to make solar panels a worthwhile investment. The myth that solar panels only work when the sun is out is probably behind this belief. Solar panels are not actually so difficult to deal with, however. 

While bright, sunny weather is optimal for solar panel performance, they are still quite effective in cloudy weather. Countries like Germany and China, that see significant amounts of cloudy weather are big users of solar power. If you live in a state that experiences a lot of cloudy weather, then it’s best to ask a representative to get an idea about their viability in your area.

Solar Power Is Too Expensive

In the past, solar panels and solar power were only affordable to the very rich. The past is the past, though, and the price of solar panel installation has dropped in significant amounts. 

Today, virtually every homeowner can afford to install solar panels and take advantage of clean solar power. This is not just because the cost of the panels and their installation have dropped. The US government, and many state governments, have created tax credits to incentivize homeowners to opt-in on solar power.

Speak to a solar panel rep in your area to determine if your state offers any incentives.

Solar Panels Damage Your Roof

You might think that attaching something to your roof will cause damage. When it comes to solar panels, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, solar panels protect the portions of your roof they cover. It’s also important to note that the panels aren’t attached to the shingles directly. Instead, they’re mounted above the shingles or tiles, which is why they provide protection to the roof.

If you’re truly concerned about the solar panels damaging your roof, consider going with an alternative option, like ground-mounted solar panels. Speak to your local solar panel company about this option and whether it would work best for your needs.

Solar Power Energy Is the Future!

The thought of investing in solar panel energy is both exciting and terrifying for many homeowners. These thoughts are even more complicated when there are so many different myths surrounding how it works. If you’re on the fence about whether solar power is for you, reach out to your local residential solar installers to find out if it’s right for you.

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