Display boxes help create good sales and influence the sale of the product. Research shows that seventy percent of consumers tend to purchase a certain product simply because of its attractive packaging. So, it’s important that your wholesale display packaging box should not only look attractive but also be informative too. In fact, there are many different types of packaging that can be used in the display packaging of a product. It all depends on how well you customize your display boxes so as to meet the customer’s needs.

Retail packaging options include counters

Many of these boxes include a unique combination of materials like fine crystals and fine colored paper. Some other display boxes display a single product and they can be easily identified as being for a particular brand. Some other retail packaging options include counters that stack together in a display case or display cabinets that are used in order to hold a number of boxes, like the type seen in supermarkets. These can be available in the Packaging wholesalers option for small store retailers.

A variety of display cases in a customized design

In addition to these various retail display boxes, many suppliers of these goods include different sizes of display cases in a customized design that can be used to hold a variety of product varieties. This makes it possible to have the perfect kind of packaging and presentation that you require. All that’s required from you is some printing services and the rest will be taken care of by your dealer of choice. They usually add a number of different printing options that can include custom made labels die-cutting, lamination, embossing, lamination, UV coating, matte finish and also high definition imaging.

New digital inkjet printers with high-resolution printing options

When it comes to printing the boxes themselves, there are many options available. There are new digital inkjet printers that can print in full color, sepia or grey, giving you an extensive range of choices. Then there are laser printers that can do a beautiful full-color print with high resolution. Then there are even options for thermal printing that can give you a stunning quality of packaging without the need for special equipment.

The ability to personalize the packaging

Most distributors that provide display boxes offer the ability to personalize the packaging to make it stand out from the crowd of boxes that are competing for shelf space. Many customers request unique packaging and many companies go out of their way to ensure that the customer has exactly what they are looking for. In addition to this, some companies specialize in custom printed display boxes that are not unique but also incredibly beautiful. It is always fun to have something extra special.

The ability to display hundreds of boxes all at once

Another great benefit to ordering your custom printed display boxes online is that there is generally no minimum order size, so you can get as many as you need at the right price. This is ideal for companies who are often on the move and need the ability to display hundreds of boxes all at once, or who need to avoid paying extra shipping costs. With free shipping, you can reduce the overall shipping costs by ordering a larger number of items. In addition, most companies offer you the ability to add extra services like overnight shipping to your total price.

Add-ons such as bubble wrap to enjoy the product

When ordering your custom counter display boxes, you can also add-ons such as bubble wraps and padded labels. Many customers request these extras when ordering their products because they love the way that the boxes stack and they don’t want to be removing the cardboard backing when they open the box. With these added extras, you can guarantee that the customer will thoroughly enjoy the product that you have provided them with. This means that you can ensure that they will tell everyone about the joy of owning these items. It’s a simple and effective way to increase brand visibility and awareness as well.

Final thought…

The best way to find your next display box supplier is to simply use your favorite search engine. Simply type in “display boxes” to find the companies that provide what you need. You can also access specialty websites that have been established specifically to meet the needs of the consumer. By accessing a company’s website, you can make sure that you are receiving a quality product, and that you are adding extra service options for your convenience.