Since 1992, Jetwave, an Australian designer, manufacturer, and importer, has been providing high-quality types of equipment for industrial cleaning purposes. Jetwave has only one motto a cleaner world to live in. With the vision and aims to provide its customer the valued products, Jetwave high pressure drain cleaner are one of many innovative products. There are different high-pressured drain cleaners, each of high quality, manufactured by Jetwave.

JWs mandate your desire to live and work in a clean environment. And when it comes to industries, Jetwave has been providing valued services to its customers for almost 30 years. With its vision to take industries to a new era of development, expansion, and productivity. With the use of Jetwave high-quality manufactured industrial vacuum cleaners, we can truly fulfill our desires.

The Future of Water Jetting Technique with Jetwave

high pressure drain cleaner

Jetwave has created some of the most cutting-edge high pressure drain cleaner on the market. In South Australia, Jetwave has been working on the next generation of water jetting equipment. JW G2 water jetters like the Scorpion G2 and Hurricane are cutting-edge technology. They deliver tremendous performance with the greatest features and design selections to keep you soaring regularly. Jetwave made high-pressure drain cleaners or equipment that last from tiny households to commercial drains.

Over 28 years, JW groups have always produced high-quality high-pressure drain cleaners. Jetwave offers a variety of High-Pressure Cleaners to meet your company’s requirements. Depending on your performance requirements, JW high pressure drain cleaner can be electric, gasoline, or diesel powered. They created the latest generation of High-Pressure drain cleaners by employing the best worldwide parts. Operators’ safety and security while doing a chore has been JW’s paramount duty. And to ensure that they manufacture longer-lasting equipment from JW Innovations.

JW High-Pressure Drain Cleaner: No More Drains Clotting

high pressure drain cleaner

Jetwave specializes in creating and producing high-pressure cleaning solutions for specific industries and applications. JW has pressure water cleaners and drains cleaners / hydro-jetters for mining, oil, gas, shipping, and aviation, just to name a few.

JW High-Pressure Drain Cleaners include the following features:

  • Centralized Control

All controls and adjustment components are easily accessible thanks to the front-facing and panel-mounted controls. This feature ensures that equipment delivers correctly and adapts in order to your jetting job at hand. It improves the efficiency, efficacy, and operator friendliness of obstruction clearance.

  • Multi-Configuration

JW groups introduce the first customizable modular build with heavy precision gauge and steel chassis. Because of its industry-leading small modular design and configuration possibilities, it is versatile for practically any mounting arrangement you can think of.

  • Protection

The semi-enclosed industrial steel cover design protects the entire equipment from the elements. Most significantly, due to the severe outside working circumstances, it is a crucial working component in the harsh elements.

  • Skid Design with Top Lift Points

The skid design keeps the high-pressure drain cleaners anchored. Forklift pockets and top lifts provide improved transportation with safety and amenity.

  • Vibration-Resistant System

The Anti-Vibration Protection System aids in quieter operation. The Duro rubber keeps the vibrating power plant away from steel dampeners.

Why Prefer Jetwave High-Pressure Drain Cleaners for Your Chores?

high pressure drain cleaner

The Jetwave Scorpion G2 heavy-duty professional cold-water petrol powered by HONDA drain cleaner is innovative and unique in design. The highest quality Italian and worldwide components are used to design and build them in Australia. It provides industry-leading cover protection to optimize productivity and safety while minimizing downtime.

  • The JW Professional Italian triplex plunger pump performs well and lasts a long time.
  • Low-speed professional pump for increased reliability and longer maintenance intervals.
  • Washable inlet water filter for heavy-duty use.
  •  Isolator for batteries.
  • The Jetwave Safety SystemTM (JSS) thermal and safety valve prevents overheating in excessive bypass and over pressuring.
  • Gun and lance accessory storage integrated.
  • High-quality accessories.
  • Stainless steel pressure gauges.
  • Adjustable brass unloader valve
  • Forklift Pockets.

Jetwave manufactures high-pressure drain cleaners with technical specifications. Such as motor features, including engine type, fuel supply, fuel capacity, low oil shutdown, and starting system. Hydraulic features include pump/head/pistons type, motor pump coupling, speed, unloader valve, and nozzle size.

JW high-pressure drain cleaners have a wide range of typical applicability. From Plumbing Businesses and Contractors to State and Local Councils. JW high-pressure drain cleaners apply to all businesses, even for Tree Roots and Debris Removal, Grease, Sludge & Dirt Removal and Municipality Contractors.

What’s Best about JW High Pressure Drain Cleaners?

The best feature to ensure long-lasting durability is its InteliUMS™. The smart industry first, IntelliUMS™, is the brain of the unit’s control center. This LCD backlit screen enables continuous control, monitoring, and protection to the operator for the mechanical and electrical components of the machine. The other is Honda iGX with Auto-Speed Technology. Auto-Speed Technology connects the pump to the engine. If no pressure washing occurs, the engine will reduce to idle RPM speed. Furthermore, return to maximum RPM to obtain operating pressure and flow for the pressure washing procedure.

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JW groups have introduced ten different and best types of high-pressure drain cleaners. Each with typical application and technical specificity. The wide range of its types are:

  1. Scorpion G2 275-20
  2. Scorpion G2 300-26
  3. Scorpion G2 350-23
  4. Scorpion G2FI 280-31
  5. Scorpion G2FI 350-25
  6. JetHydro Hurricane (4400-33)
  7. JetHydro Hurricane (5075-25)
  8. JetHydro Hurricane+ (5080-36.4)
  9. Hurricane Trailer
  10. Scorpion G2 Trailer

With Jetwave, You Get the Right high-pressure drain cleaner.

high pressure drain cleaner

Jetwave has established itself as a pioneer in the industry’s ongoing evolution into a new era. Collaboration with high-tech industries such as Honda, Kohler, Yanmar, and others. JW has successfully provided its customers with high-quality industrial equipment.

Jetwave has been producing unique cleaning equipment ranging from household to heavy industrial cleaning on mine sites. Jetwave has created an interactive product selector to help you choose the right high-pressure drain cleaner or any other product. JW understands your needs for your chores.

Jetwave’s sales and technical staff have 30 years of industry expertise, complementing JW’s ongoing commitment to producing new and quality products. JW research and development department supports this process by regularly attending international trade exhibitions and visiting