Believe it or not – every business owner who is into selling various products and services is now finding a way to digitize his store to reach out to more clients. While handling customers by taking in online orders seems pretty easier, there are various parameters one must adhere to while setting up a business online and one of them is choosing the perfect eCommerce WordPress themes that replicate your business exactly the way you have run it offline.

If you are clueless about how to set up a website, then fret not as there are various options for a good web designing company in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city for that matter. These web designing professionals can help you choose the apt eCommerce website design.

Although there are several premium versions of eCommerce WordPress Themes available in the market, if you happen to look for a free version, then we have compiled a list of 7 free themes that are popular choices today.


Powered by Athemes, this WordPress theme has a responsive design and is pretty much compatible with WooCommerce. This helps you showcase the products in a proper way. Its clean and simple look offers a great way to highlight the flagship products and videos, which can grab the attention of the users right away.


This theme features a minimalist design to avoid any distraction to the users. If they are willing to buy the product that is showcased on the main page, they can directly buy it from there itself. With TheShop, it’s absolutely easy to set up an online store and get it running in no time.


StoreVilla is the perfect design template, which can be utilized to start your online store. It has a customizable home page and a high-end search option, which can help you maintain your store very conveniently. It also has a fast loading speed, making it one of the best themes.

EightStore Lite

EightStore Lite is yet another free version of WordPress theme, which has probably the best integration of WooCommerce embedded within. It is pretty much easy to customize and bring your offline store an online renovation with this theme. Its fully responsive design makes it compatible with any design and customers have been satisfied after using this theme for their online store.

Azera Shop Luxury

Azera Shop Luxury theme powered by JustFreeThemes is practically an elegant eCommerce website design, which is available as a free version. It is appropriate for those who are building a one-page store in the online mode. It is compatible with all the latest tools, which are appropriate for setting up your online store.

AccessPress Store

It is well-known for providing a next-generation theme with a sleek design and is equipped with providing a full-fledged online store. You can customize the website design as per your requirements and enhance the shopping experience for the users.


If you are looking for an elegant design for your e-store, then you must go with ShopIsle, which is equipped with advanced features of WooCommerce. It is user-friendly and allows the online customers to surf the shopping site very easily. With an easy admin panel, you can customize the design as per your requirements.


These eCommerce WordPress themes are free, elegant and can be easily customized. If you need help with designing the eCommerce website, then you can get in touch with a good web designing company in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai or any other place. Once you have generated potential leads through these design templates and would like to generate more plausible leads, you can opt for an advanced version or premium version of the design template to attract more clients to your store. And while starting out, choose the best hosting services so that your website never suffers a downtime and this, in turn, would help you retain potential customers.