There was a time in our childhood days when most of the evenings were spent in the dark, where the only source of light was candles and lanterns. An uninterrupted power supply was a dream at that time. However, as science and technology are seeing new heights every day, power supply to domestic uses has been made easy and incessant.

To make the experience more flawless, now the commercials brands have come up with energy efficient range of automatic voltage stabilizers and inverter batteries. These appliances are developed with the objective to save more on energy and money while wasting less.

If you want an inverter battery via online shopping, here are three fundamentals to keep in mind before investing your money in it:

  • When it comes to durability, check the ratings. We suggest investing a good amount of time in researching and comparing which inverter is more durable than the other.
  • Check the star ratings and compare the consumption of electricity by the inverter batteries. More number of stars ensures lesser energy consumption and better services.
  • Inverter batteries are your source of uninterrupted power supply. So invest your hard earned money only on that particular one which can perform out of the box and give a mind-blowing performance. 

With this, we have also collected a few data to know before buying inverter batteries. Usually, companies develop two types of batteries- flat plate and tubular batteries. While flat plate batteries are used as a type of storage to back up power supplies while power ct. It can function under stand-alone systems. On the other hand, flat place batteries are able to withstand high voltages, power supply disturbances, and fluctuations, and provide inbuilt protection against corrosion and leakage.

So far, we have discussed the variety and things to look for while buying an inverter battery for your home. So if you have decided to go for inverter battery online purchase, here’s another set of thumb rules to keep those safe and extend its life to the optimum.

If you are a first-time buyer of inverter batteries, make sure you do not overload the battery. It is always suggested to plug in only the devices you cannot do without. If you switch on all the appliances to run on inverter during the power cut, you will eventually receive lesser power backup. Disconnect devices that heavily consume energy to run. By doing this, you would notice significant increase in the backup of your batteries.

Another trick to make your inverter battery work for the longest period is to make sure you have installed only energy saving gadgets and appliances in your home. The market is flooded with CFL and LED bulbs, ceiling fans and ACs. Choose any of those and pay one-third of your electricity bills.

They say that corrosion and rust is the biggest enemy of an inverter battery. These reduce the battery life, hence making you spend more money than required. Keep the battery terminals free from both of these demons. If you stay in a place that has too bad water quality, make a concoction using baking soda and hot water, and pour it on the battery terminals. Wipe this after an hour and apply petroleum jelly to prevent further rust and corrosion.

Apart from these, one should also keep an eye on the quality of UPS battery trolley, the water level etc. for getting rid of the premature death of inverter batteries. Inverter batteries are meant for longer operational life up to 10 years, and lower maintenance, so adapt the ways you that could give the most benefit of your money.