As an artist,it becomes highly tensed situation when you do not know ‘how to’and ‘where to’of selling.

You have some astonishing pieces of paintings, but you are not sure what to do now.

“Online seems like a nice option, but is it safe? How do I select the platform? Where to start from?”

These are the basic questions that bother the mind of artists like yourself.

I am writing this blog, in order to offer you the best ways to put up your art for sale online. Let’s take a look:


Online art galleries


As an artist, you must have set up an online portfolio website (if you haven’t, then what have you done till now?).

Although you expected visitors on it, the numbers are quite less than your expectations.

The main challenge of putting art for sale online is to get your paintings in front of the audience that is searching for the same.

This is done perfectly by the online galleries. These online platforms ensure to put up your artwork in front of the buyers that are essentially interested in buying the same painting.

Stats show us that people are actively buying art from online galleries, so that’s done there. The credible online galleries offer safe payment gateways, curatorial experiences and constant guidance to the buyers.

Just do the research and choose a credible online gallery that offers authentic artwork.


Crowd funding


Coming back to the old school, crowd funding is a conventional method to raise funds for your project.

You do this by connecting to the probable funders at the crowd funding websites. They (the funders) decide to back your project financially and you offer them the rewards at the time your project starts yielding the profit.

Once you get your idea updated on the websites, that’s when the real work begins.

You need to spread a widely outreached word-of-the-mouth for your campaign. For this, you can utilise social media to stretch the reach of your idea to more people.


Art online market


It might also happen that you are creating artworks of moderate price and the commission fees of online galleries are not allowing you to earn profits.

In this case, you can always approach the online marketplaces.

These marketplaces are fantastic platforms for artists to make a connection with buyers directly. You can set up your online shop displaying your artwork there.

There are places such as Etsy, which is charging merely $ 0.20 to put your product up there and takes only 3.5 % of selling price of your painting.

These sorts of platforms are not less than a paradise for artists seeking a fair price of their paintings.




As I said earlier, it becomes paramount to have a website of your own for your paintings. You can approach online marketplaces or galleries, but this should be done without any delay.

Setting up a website for your artwork is an easy peasy today. There are different services that are offering an easy-to-setway to generate your website.

If you are an artist that is too considerate about his/her pocket, setting up a website with your portfolio is the best alternative.

You can also use WordPress to put your art for sale online.  All you require to do is to buy your own domain (starts at £ 2.79 per year)and hosting name (starts from £ 2.79 per year).

Select the appropriate theme as per your preference and your blog is all ready to go.

IMHO, this step (WordPress one) involved a bit of money from your side only in the initial stage.


Print on demand


There is a rising popularity of the print on demand websites for they offer a chance to designers and artists to showcase their work online.

The biggest benefit these websites offer is that once you put up your design on these websites, your work is done, almost.

These websites hold prowess in putting up your design on different items such as clothes, pillows, phone skins or covers, coffee mugs and so on.

Although these websites converge their focus more on the explanatory and graphical styles, there are a good bunch of fine art painters selling or promoting their work.


Social Media


You might be wondering when this point is going to come up. Well, here it is finally; Social media.

If you are attempting to sell your work online, then social media is the platform that goes without saying is the best channel to utilise.

Although there is a clutter on the social media, there are particular hacks that can put your artwork in front of the related audience.

Like for Twitter and Instagram, correct hashtags and relatable communities can do the trick.

If you are trying Facebook to put art for sale online, then joining relevant forums or group discussion will help you in connecting with the relevant buyers.

These are some of the top ways to sell your paintings online. If you think we have missed something, reach us inthe comment section below. Thanks!