Having a top quality Winchester Big Daddy XLT is of utmost importance if you have a single or numerous guns stored at home. This is because it is your responsibility to keep the gun away from unwanted hands and burglars. In addition to this, the responsibility of your family is also in your hands, and that my friend cannot be neglected no matter what. Henceforth, make sure you get hold of a top quality gun safe now.

At present, the experts have developed a new safe that is not only worth purchasing but will also meet your prerequisites. Anyone who is seeking the right solution when it comes to better gun safe features, a Winchster big daddy xlt is the perfect one for you. Are you wondering why? Continue reading this piece of information because we have explained the features ahead.

Features of a big daddy xlt

Let us begin with the basics first. The door of the safe is upgraded by the professionals and at present is matched with five different layers of fireboards. It is because of these layers that the safe has obtained a fire rating at 1400 degrees. Apart from this, the Big Daddy xlt has also received the UL RSC rating. The reason behind the same is gauge steel construction, reinforced steel return door jamb, drill resistant hard plate, and auxiliary relocker.

Now let us discuss the interior features of this safe. It comes with eight pistol pockets and five zippered pockets. All of them are sufficient enough to store your valuables in the right manner. In addition to this, the safe also consists of a docking station. This station makes it easy for you to charge the electronics so that the safe is brightened up. If you have been searching for a safe lately, this one is the right purchase for you. Get hold of a big daddy xlt safe without having any second thoughts. However, make sure to get in touch with the right seller because there are numerous providers.

How to purchase the right safe for your valuables?

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when purchasing a Winchester Big Daddy XLT gun safe. Get started by contacting the right seller. Research about the one you want to get in touch with and collect all the information. Since this is an essential investment, make sure to contact a seller who is reliable and provides safes at economical prices. Apart from this, consider keeping in mind the collection of gun safes. Apart from the big daddy safe, if you want to purchase something else, you will have a collection to explore, right? Thirdly, take into consideration the essential features. Some of them are listed below. Check them out.


  1. Weight: 1080 lbs
  2. Interior: 66.5″(H) x 39″(W) x 17″(D)
  3. Exterior: 72″(H) x 42″(W) x 27″(D)*

Other features

  1. Lifetime limited warranty
  2. Long lasting powder coated black finish or gunmetal door.
  3. The right vault handle
  4. Deluxe door panel organizer
  5. The right LED light kit
  6. Adjustable features

Consider all of this information in mind, and end up purchasing the right quality Big Daddy XLT safe. By now we hope you have understood everything about this safe. Now it is time to make a purchase. Apart from considering the imperative factors, make sure to research well.

The Bottom line

We hope this piece of information has helped you understand how to purchase a bIg Daddy XLT safe. Browse through the internet to find out more about the same. This is one source of information that will allow you to obtain the essential information without facing any hassle.