Millions of people have essential hand tremors that stop them from carrying out daily tasks like holding things, inserting a key into a lock, eating, etc. They need support from others and lose out on their self-independence. However, GyroGlove, an innovative product from the tech company GyroGear promises to eliminate hand tremors caused by Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremors. In the past few years, this glove has been recognized by technological and healthcare organizations across the world.

Dr. Joon Faii Ong – Changing the lives of people with essential hand tremors

Dr. Joon Faii Ong is the inventor of the GyroGlove and isfrom New England, United Kingdom, graduated with the MBBS BSc (medicine) program from the Imperial College. He works with an experienced and dedicated team to deliver care to multiple people across the world with essential hand tremors.

Lack of credible therapies for essential hand tremors

He identifies the grace debilitation and the unavailability of credible therapies to help people with mild to severe hand tremors. A personal encounter with an elderly 103-year-old woman in a London hospital inspired him to invent the unique Gyro Glove, which is an assistive glove designed to reduce hand tremors. Currently, he serves as the CEO and Founder of GyroGear Ltd.

He is the founder and leader of GyroGear, the company responsible for conceptualizing and designing GyroGlove that seeks to help millions of patients with essential hand tremors. He has the goal to reduce the use of drugs that combat hand tremors, like most medications for them, have major side effects.

Special force to stabilize the hand

The main function of the GyroGlove is to emit a special force that compensates and counteracts hand tremors. This force helps patients with hand tremors to maintain control and balance in their hands irrespective of the intensity of these tremors. In fact, this glove restores close to regular function that will be a huge relief to patients with essential hand tremors. This glove will help patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and other disorders caused by the nervous system.

Restores dignity in the patient

His unique innovation has the potential to help most patients with essential hand tremors. Research says essential hand tremors affect about 200 million people across the world. It affects the cognitive ability as well as the physical movement of more than 10 million people across the globe.

There are over 10 million people across the globe with Parkinson’s disease, which is a progressive neurological condition affecting the physical movement and the cognitive ability of the patient. One of its prevailing symptoms is hand tremors. They begin as light tremors and progress to something that hampers the daily tasks of the patient. Unfortunately, these tremors cannot be healed or cured. As of now, the only way of controlling them is with medication, which often carries side effects like nausea, involuntary changes in the patient’s mood, gait, disturbances, nausea, and compulsive behavior. According to Dr. Joon Faii Ong, GyroGlove has the scope to help people with essential hand tremors caused by health disorders like strokes, hyperthyroidism, and sclerosis.