Organic food items have managed to mark their prominent presence in the market over the last two decades. Many people these days spend a considerable amount of money on organic groceries to ensure their health and well-being. In fact, the sales of organic food items have increased by more than 10% in the past couple of years. 

Organic food is considered to be more safe, delicious, and nutritious to consume. Apart from benefiting human health, organic food is also beneficial for the environment and the well-being of animals. There are many organic food stores online offering superior quality organically produced groceries. You can place your order online and get your organic groceries delivered to your doorsteps. Before going further, let us understand what organic food items are. 

What is organic food?

The term “organic” refers to some that are free from adulterants like pesticides or chemicals. Organic food products are grown and farmed without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, and other antibiotics. In order to get labeled as organic, the food must be free from artificial food additives. Unlike the chemical fertilizers used to produce inorganic food, organic food is produced using natural fertilizers. Organic food production uses natural fertilizers like manure to improve plant growth. Furthermore, the animals raised organically are also not given antibiotics or hormones.

The reason why organic farming also improves environmental health is that the soil quality is significantly improved, hence conserving groundwater. Individuals commonly invest in organic food products like fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and much more. 

Do organic crops contain more vitamins and antioxidants?

Various researchers have reported that organic food contains higher levels of antioxidants and other essential nutrients and vitamins. Furthermore, replacing your regular food item with organic fruit, vegetables and cereals can provide extra antioxidants in the diet. This is because organic farming does not depend on chemical pesticide sprays to protect the crops. Instead, the organic crop tends to produce its own protective compounds like antioxidants. This explains the higher levels of antioxidants in organic food items. 

Does consuming organic food mean less exposure to chemicals?

The prominent reason why individuals are getting more cloned towards organic food items is to avoid artificial chemicals. Consuming organic food on a daily basis reduces your exposure to pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria. You must also note that chemical pesticide residues in conventional food items make the food items less safe to consume. The risk of exposing your body and immune system to pesticide residue in foods can cause greater harm in the long term. 

How do you know if the products you are buying are organic?

The governments of different nations have different norms when it comes to qualifying a food item as organic or inorganic. The producer of organic crops must meet strict government regulations regarding the farming and harvest of organic items. Along with checking the seal of organic, you can also look for the following statements on the package of food claimed to be organic. 

  1. If the package states to be “100% organic”, it is definitely made from all organic ingredients. 
  2. If the package states “organic,” at least 90-95% of ingredients are organic.
  3. And lastly, if “made with organic ingredients” is written on the package, it contains 70% organic ingredients and the rest otherwise.

If you are someone who is super cautious about what they consume, it is time to invest in superior quality organic food products. Get in touch with a popular organic vegan food store online to get your organic groceries delivered at your doorsteps.