More than half of Americans are living with pain, with back pain the most common complaint. If you are experiencing pain and stiffness in your body, you may benefit from visiting a physical therapist or chiropractor. But, the question is, which one is most suited to your issue?

Both of these disciplines have similarities; for example, they both use noninvasive techniques. There are also key differences, such as the kind of movements involved during both sessions.

In this blog post, we will look at both physical therapy and chiropractor care, their differences, and similarities, and consider which one is best for you.

What Is Physical Therapy?

physical therapist aims to improve our ability to function without pain. The objective is to improve the quality of life and allow for the highest level of movement possible in daily activities. They will guide you through a range of different exercises and stretches and teach you the best ways to remain active in the future.

Physical therapy may be short- or long-term, depending on your condition and/or injury. You may receive a personalized treatment plan that includes at-home exercises and stretches. This will be in addition to regular sessions.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

A chiropractor is a licensed professional who uses hands-on treatment to reduce inflammation and pain. They do this by ‘manipulating’ different parts of the body. With these interventions, your body can effectively heal itself.

Adjustments or techniques such as spinal manipulation can decrease both pain and inflammation. Chiropractic care is particularly beneficial for back, neck, and joint pain.

What Are the Similarities?

As noted, both of these treatment types are noninvasive. They both use manual therapy to treat conditions and can be used in tandem.

Both also look at the wider picture and focus on understanding the root cause of issues, which helps patients to remain pain-free in the future.

What Are the Differences? 

Physical therapy looks primarily at how the body functions as a whole. A physical therapist provides targeted exercises and stretches to improve the range of function. They may use hands-on manipulation, depending on the case.

On the other hand, chiropractic care is related primarily to disorders of the spine and joints. A chiropractic session typically involves more hands-on manipulations and adjustments, perfect for improving joint motion. 

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Physical Therapist or Chiropractor: Which Do You Need?

It may help to speak to your doctor when determining whether you would be best suited to receive care from either a physical therapist or chiropractor. As noted above, it is possible to receive dual treatment from both a physical therapist and a chiropractor.

Both can help people to overcome pain and stiffness. They allow for greater quality of life and the ability to perform regular activities without discomfort.

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