Considered as the toughest entrance examination in India, Joint Entrance Examination is also a highly competitive examination. It is comprised of two phases- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. About 2 lakh applicants are selected for JEE Advanced every year.

The JEE Advanced consists two parts i.e Paper 1 and Paper 2. The JEE Advanced 2017 exam pattern consists of:

  • The Paper 1 includes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It has 10 sets with 54 questions for a total of 183 marks.


  • The Paper 2 also includes Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It also consists of 10 sets with 54 questions for a total of 183 marks.

It is mandatory for a candidate to appear for both the papers. These question papers contain objective type that includes Multiple Choice Questions as well as numerical answer type of questions. The candidates can avail question papers in both English and Hindi. The marking procedure includes negative marking for certain questions. The questions are designed to assess comprehension, analytical ability and reasoning of the candidate.

To know the examination  pattern is the basic for a student’s preparation. It acquaints one with the number and types of questions with a clear introspection about the negative marking system. All these preparations ensure avoiding basic errors. This small step can indeed prove to be a big leap in doing the best preparation for JEE Advanced.

After crossing the first hurdle of JEE Mains exam, it is all about shifting gears and accelerating in terms of fine-tuning of acquired skills, learning, harnessing capabilities, plugging of loopholes, ensuring of output maximization and optimizing available time. The quality time spent matters at this stage and not quantity.

A concept-wise revision is very recommendable at this stage to tackle the questions with multiple concepts interlinked. By concentrating on questions that have been asked mostly, it is possible to exclude other extra topics under study. It is important to be well-versed with the topics from Class 11 too. By subscribing to mock tests that are available online, it is possible to prepare well for the exam. These tests should be pattern-proof in order to prepare mentally for any type of questions.

Use of JEE advanced exam pattern 2017 based sample papers and previous years can be a handy tool to face the exam effectively. They also help in building the right temperament and develop an ability to focus better in examinations. A student must have an ideal approach in order to successfully crack the examination. Better practice can help in managing time especially in case of physics and mathematics. Lateral thinking ability has to be developed for easily tackling the questions based on understanding and analysis.

Late night study has to be avoided and instead early morning studies are recommended. It is essential to remain healthy and physical fit during the course of preparation. Practice of meditation helps in developing concentration, self-control and inner calm. To synchronize the study timings with that of exam timings can help to keep the brain most active during the exam.