Every event including the wedding reception, concert, or school annual day, lighting arrangement of the stage is crucial. You can attract audience attention and give your best with a professional lighting arrangement on the scene. Stage events will look bright only with the help of the lighting arrangement.

Know the Basics of Lighting Arrangement for Any Event on Stage


Every stage lighting hire gives importance to the following four types of hardware, namely:-

  1. Floodlight- Used to give light to the backdrops.
  2. Profile Spot – Using this performer will be brought to light.
  3. Wash Light – Most commonly used wash light is Fresnel, and it is used to give a natural lighting effect.
  4. Par Cans – Used in concerts that creates polished unfocused edges.

Light Positioning

Know the five lights positioning for different events.

  1. Front Lighting – Base light and used to focus the facial expressions of the performer and it will not produce any shadow.
  2. Back Lighting – This will separate the performer and the background. It gives a three-dimensional impact on the things on the stage.
  3. Side Lighting – For showcasing the dance effect and it projects the profile and the body efficiently.
  4. High-side Lighting – This projects the shoulder, neck and the head.
  5. Down-side Lighting – Will give an impact on the entire performance. It makes the program look real blending with the natural light effects.

Since you are aware of the different positioning, you can talk to your stage lighting service provider and choose the best option for your program.

Venues and Lighting Setup

Concerts – Based on the show you must light the stage. For instance, in classical music, and symphonies the players will be in a fixed place, and light focus must be on them. The spotlight will take care of this. For other performance where people move on the stage must make use of coloured lighting and use filters to showcase their return from a different position.

Plays–Facial expression must be highlighted in a stage play. The front light is a must. Spotlight to focus them and make sure no shadow disturbance is there. The audience must be able to view the characters expression apparently to enjoy the show.

Dance – Involves many movements and occupied the entire stage. The light must be projected on the performer and keep moving with the movement of the dancer to capture all the expressions and hand and leg action. Sidelights are the best choice, and coloured filters will add more beauty to the event.

With all the awareness, talk to a service provider. Explain your need and select the best lighting arrangement and make your event a great success. How much ever your program has a concept, brilliantly designed, great expressions are there, if you fail to provide the lighting adequately, then all your efforts will go in vain. It is a live event, and people must feel good at the event, and background light only can lift the performance of the players.

Make sure to talk to the right service provider to add value to your program.