Art displays a human being’s imagination in a creative way for a certain purpose: to be appreciated basically for their exquisiteness or demonstrative power. Art has existed for at least 40,000 years, when scriptures and paintings were made on caves (as discovered by many archaeologists during various excavations across many continents) by our earliest ancestors. It expanded from the great civilizations like: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Mayan remains, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, China and the greater Asia.

Art influences people in so many ways. One manifestation is music, specifically classical music. There are is a certain uniqueness and an identity that this music has that all people still enjoy listening to from around the world.

Art comes in different ways, on visuals like painting, sculpting and architecture. On performing arts, like in theater, film, dance and music as well. One of the greatest musical genre is the classical, which is considered by many as unique and beautiful. Many people, born in this current millennia prefer classical music as it displays sophistication and challenge. It emerged in the East and travelled to the west, where it isnow performed on some stages like the classical music concerts in LA. This kind of music style has been favored by the noble class as it has been distributed and improvised from time to time. To date, classical music has been available to all and not just for the upper class families.

Classical music is a form of art music, an era to which the greatest artistlike Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn belong. The instrument used vary from the percussions, to the strings like violin, violoncello, and harp, woodwind instruments, like the panpipes, crumhorns and tin whistles and other early instruments like theorboes and bagpipes that provide significant parts to the music. Performing the classical music nowadays is not easy as it is been said that performers who do such music should be trained classically. As such, there are specific schools who offer these lessons as not all people are capable of executing these musical pieces. The rhythm, phrasing and texture must be learned in order to turn these kind of music to life.

Today, classical music has been divided up to different periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic. Such eras has their own versions and own history. Many of the critics say that classical music is dead, however that is not the case. There are still stages in the world where this masterpiece is being, played and adored by people like the classical music concerts Los Angeles. There are people, up to this date who can appreciate the gift that has been handed over to us by the people who existed even before we did.