With the advent of the internet, getting a new gas connection has become very easy. All you have to do is go to the company’s website or download their mobile app to order your new gas connection. You can get the details of the nearest distributor in case of any doubts regarding gas connection through a call, or website, or mobile app. Certain documents are needed such as identity and address proof at the starting of the procedure. An application form is also given to you which has to be filled and submitted. After your payment is done, they will come to your house and install the gas connection. You will be provided with a reference number after the payment so that you can track your delivery online.

Why is LPG a great option for your domestic use?

  • EFFICIENT: LPG has a high calorific value which means it takes less time to heat when compared to other fuels. Also, It is less expensive and easily accessible.
  • PORTABILITY: LPG can be easily transported and delivered in gas cylinders to homes. Taking all the necessary safety precautions you can easily store LPG in cylinders at home.
  • CLEAN: LPG is less messy compared to other fuels because it has low sulfur content, low emissions of black carbon. It helps to keep the air clean and also the emission of greenhouse gases is quite low.

Basic procedure to get a new gas connection offline: 

  • Look for the home LPG suppliers in your nearest area who can deliver gas cylinders at the right time.
  • Go to the chosen distributor’s office and get the application form for getting a new gas connection.
  • The application form then has to be submitted along with other documents required such as identity and address proof.
  • The documents and application form helps the distributor to ensure that the given details by you are authentic.
  • After your documents are verified, you are then required to proceed with payment. Payment can be done through various modes in cash or digitally according to your convenience.
  • Once the payment is made, the distributor will initiate the process of delivering your gas cylinder and you will be provided with a reference number. This reference number will help you to track your gas cylinder in the future.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and considering this most of the businesses these days have come up with their mobile app to ease the operations and increase customer satisfaction. Though booking a gas connection is easy offline, gas distributors have made it much easier with mobile apps and websites. If you have a pc, laptop, tab, or smartphone then you can easily book your gas cylinder from anywhere, anytime. All the process is similar to what you do online from filling the application form to submitting the scanned documents. You will also be provided with an instruction manual so that you can follow each step correctly. So gone are days when getting a new connection was an ordeal!!