Everything is becoming easier by the minute and one wonders will there ever come a time when human beings don’t even have to move a finger? Mechanization is everywhere around us and what’s more, It’s growing by the minute making the simplest things even simpler. Earlier there were knives and now you have mechanized choppers. Earlier only Skype provided you with the video calling facility, now every other messaging app provides you with it. Spoons are getting replaced by self-stirring mugs and people are getting replaced by emotive robots. When it comes to people who go around fixing nuts and bolts and driving holes in materials, their allegiance has slowly shifted from the mighty cordless drill to the impact driver.

So what makes hand impact drivers stand out?

It’s a fact that when something better and affordable comes along the way, people will be inclined to try it. Cordless drivers are portable and extremely powerful, however, they are slowly getting replaced by impact drivers. So what is the difference between the two?

  1. A drill looks very similar to an impact driver however it has a major distinction that separates the two. It has a part known as collet that accepts hex-shanked bits instead of a chuck which is keyless.
  2. An impact driver does what it is designed to do and does it extremely well. It can drive screws faster and more easily than a drill. Not only do they drive screws but they can also drive thick and long fasteners, putting the best and most expensive driver to shame.
  3. You may have often feared to lose your drill to thick pieces of wood. When it comes to impact drivers, these tools are designed especially to drive screws through the thickest pieces of wood which are at times denser than a bucket of tar.
  4. The power that an impact driver carries is unmatched and unadulterated. No other tool which offers the same benefits works as efficiently as an impact driver. If you put a drill alongside an impact driver and measure the power, you’ll see that it has triple the force of an average drill.
  5. Even though an impact driver is very powerful, when it comes to using it, it is easy and comfortable because all its strength gets transferred to the object it tries to manipulate.
  6. If you have a plan ahead of you that requires driving too many screws including long screws, then go for a hand impact driver. Not only will you finish the work faster but you won’t feel the pressure.

If you want to screw into plywood subfloors or if you want to build decks and install a tile board on a surface, an impact driver is the best. If your surface is too thin, like a sheet of slate then an impact driver is not a good option because the brute force might just break the slate. However, if you’re looking at denser surface area choose an impact driver with closed eyes.