Sometimes while working, your bolt or screw may break off below the surface of the material it is being used on. When this happens, you may need to remove the damaged screw or bolt from within the material it is being threaded into before you can proceed on the task. This can be a very difficult task most times since the damaged bolt or screw is already stuck within the material it is being used on. And if the damaged screw is removed forcefully, or not removed properly, the surface of the material where it is being threaded into could be totally damaged, and that could affect the whole task. You need a proper screw extraction tool.

How to remove broken or damaged screws;

The easiest method of removing a broken or damaged screw is by making use of a screw extraction tool. With a screw extraction tool, removing damaged or broken screws will be a breeze since it will make the task much easier and faster. Also, the surface of the material where the broken screw is stuck won’t get damaged.

Whether the screw is broken, stripped, damaged, or locked beneath the surface of a material, a screw extraction tool does a perfect job in removing such. As a plus, a screw extraction tool can also be used to loosen screws which need to be unscrewed from any surface.

Things you will need;

A screw extraction tool is very similar to a set of pliers but has added features. As an electrician, a welder or a carpenter, a professional screw extraction tool is a must-have because there will surely come a time in the course of performing your job when you will need to remove a broken, damaged or rusted screw head from a material.

Things to put into consideration when making use of an extraction tool;

When making use of a damaged screw extractor, there are a few things you will need to put into consideration, some of which are:

  • Make use of the perfect size of extractor so as not to damage the threads of the hole where the screw is to be extracted from.
  • Wear safety glasses always.

Places to get a high quality screw extraction tool;

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