Living in Jakarta must be very stressful. Every weekday we always faced with deadlines, unending work, and perhaps our hot-headed boss. When it comes to weekend, it is important to reward you a nice and calm morning after a dreadful week. There is no need to rush your morning and let yourself have breakfast slash lunch once in a while. Catch up with your mates and share your stories are necessary to loosen up your tension. Jakarta has many things to offer. There are many restaurants that offer you brunch menu with comfortable place. Here is where you should go to find brunch place in Jakarta.

What is brunch without bacon? Just like its name, Baconerie offers you casual brunch place in Jakartawith homemade bacon. This themed restaurant is located in Jl. Benda Raya No. 1C, Kemang, Jakarta. This place is finished with great lightning that will make you feel warm. Here you can please your tongue with their fresh and delightful bacon. One of ‘must try’ dishes is their Baconerie Burger. Your bacon will be right on the top of heavy juicy patty and covered up with tasty burger bread. Yumm! Besides, if you want to go a little prettier, you can try Koultoura in Jl. Taman Batu Indah No. 33, Green Vile, West Jakarta. This café thrills you with their legendary coffees. You can taste various kinds of coffees such as latte, cappuccino, and Americano with your sandwich. You can also enjoy their delicious truffle fries and Croquet Madam. With their sophisticated design, you can invite your friends and make a beautiful picture to be shown on your Instagram.

Situated inside De Ritz Building, Ground Floor, Menteng, Maple & Oak is adding brunch place in Jakartalist. You cannot claim your perfect morning without a cup of coffee. In this restaurant, you can have your brunch time with pancake, toast, tart, or even steak! This restaurant is renowned by their unusual yet delightful dishes. They have what they called as Coffee Butter Steak & Egg. This unique dish is basically a coffee butter-infused steak. This sounds strange but it is hella yummy! Other than that, you can also order creamy Croque Monsieur. This dish brings cheesy sensation is completed with flavourful beef pastrami. In another region of Jakarta, you can find a tranquil brunch restaurant. Antipodean is positioned in Hero Kemang, Kl. Kemang Selatan 1 and Cilandak Town Square, Ground Floor. This friendly restaurant allows you and your beloved one to enjoy Australian brunch. There are tasteful dishes offered by this Coffee-Café-Culture restaurant such as banana pancake and scrambled egg salmon and toast.One more favourite brunch restaurant in Jakarta is located inside Veranda Hotel, Jl. Kyai Maja No, 63, Blok M. Wyl’s Kitchen offers you brunch time with lovely and beautiful atmosphere. Although they satisfy you with its sophisticated design and high class menu, they are considered as well-priced restaurant. Here you can have your pretty morning with Grilled Salmon Cherry Yogurt Sauce only with Rp90.000,00. They also have large windows that make their room look bright and beautiful.