Our house is the most safest and valuable asset to us. We save penny after penny to build our dream home. What will happen to your home if the main foundation of the home architecture gets damage? Well, only reblocking Melbourne solution can help us.

There are certain signs in your house structure that shows that your house foundation base has been aligned. Probable cracking in the walls, malfunctioning of the doors and windows in opening and closing, mis-positioning of your stairs, plaster cracking, floor misalignment- all these count that your house foundation base has been disrupted.

What are the main functions of these reblocking services?

If you are residing in an old home then probably wooden stumps support the foundation base of your home. These wooden stumps are very much artistic in today’s concrete industry. But with time and due to natural disturbances such as heavy cyclone, earthquake, insect attack etc. these stumps can get damaged. This can prove danger to you and your family. If the foundation base is damaged then your whole house can collapse. This is truly not desirable by any of us. Here comes the need of Reblocking Melbourne services.

With reblocking we can bring back our house structure as it was before. These companies with their efficient training force helps to replace the old wooden stumps with high quality steel or concrete stumps. They implement modern scientific techniques and abide by the safety standards. With modern hydraulic jacks the whole architecture is supported thus enabling to remove the rotten or defective wooden stumps.

New steel or concrete stumps are being incorporated in lieu of wooden stumps. In the total process involved minor cracks in the walls may appear. Good service provider always fixes these issues after the main work of reblocking is done. You have to be choosy when searching for the reblocking services. If you hire a bad service provider then your money, energy and time will be wastes.

Three steps to follow before choosing your reblocking service provider

  1. Safety matters the most to you and your family. Just to get some discount by any amateur firm means you are compromising both yours and your family member’s wellbeing. You are also compromising your house health because reblocking is a long term thing and it should have lasting effects. Always take the services of good firms who are the leaders in the market with proven record for a long time.
  2. Materials matter the most in Reblocking Melbourne If your hired company is providing you with inferior material stumps then probably you are the biggest loser. You should always take into account the place of procurement of the stumps. This in the long run will help you and your house both.
  3. Before you start reblocking your house you should have multiple quotes from various service providers. Compare all these quotes and then act accordingly. Don’t just blindly depend on one firm.


There are many service providers who are giving affordable services to clients. They are very much professional in their services and their rates are cheap. Just visit their websites and proceed.