There’s roughly one gun for every American nowadays, many of which are rifles. However, there’s a big difference between owning one of these high-powered weapons and knowing how to use it!

Are you new to rifle shooting and want to become a more proficient marksman? Let us help. Read on to learn exactly how to aim a rifle using a scope.

Choose the Right Scope

The most important part of learning how to aim a rifle happens before you even pick up the firearm!

First, you have to ensure that you purchase a scope that’s appropriate for both your weapon and the type of shooting you’ll be doing. After all, a scope designed for hunting deer at 1000 yards will never work for hunting squirrels at 20, and vice versa!

Select the Perfect Mount

The scope itself works in tandem with both the rifle and mounting system. In other words, for best results, you must choose all 3 elements with care!

Assuming you have a rifle already, make sure the rifle scope mounts you buy deliver sufficient clearance between the scope and firearm. They should be high enough for you to operate the weapon, while still allowing you to rest your cheek on the buttstock while aiming. Anybody requiring longer-range weapon optics should consider something like 40 mm scope rings for the job.

Remember Recoil

The distance between your eye and the lens is of paramount importance as well! Why? Because there’s a high risk of being injured from the recoil if you position it too close to your face.

When mounting the scope, then, we recommend placing it an inch or so further forward than you think should be safe. This will prevent the risk of injury and/or damage to your new scope.

Opt for Adjustability

Many modern-day scopes allow you to adjust various key elements, such as the ocular lens. This is the one closest to your eye, which can bring your target into or out of focus. Another knob, called a parallax adjustment, can prevent the aiming point from moving around as you move your eye behind the scope.

For more accurate shooting, try to purchase a model that delivers this level of adjustability!

Focus on Rifle Stability

As you know, the stiller you can keep your rifle, the more accurate you’ll be. The result? You should make it your mission to a) hold the weapon in a well-supported position and b) exercise quality trigger control to reduce movement even further.

This will minimize the wobble area of your aiming point, allowing you to shoot on target every time.

How to Aim a Rifle Using a Scope

Millions of Americans own a rifle these days. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that only a fraction of them are skilled marksmen! Thankfully, a few hard-earned tips on how to aim a rifle properly can make an almighty difference.

We hope the insights on mounting and using a rifle scope in this post will help in this regard. Would you like to read more articles like this one? Browse the “Entertainment” section of the website now.