The world’s first practical helicopter was flown over the shores of Stratford Connecticut by legendary inventor Igor Sikorsky in 1939.

Since that day, many different types of helicopters have emerged in both the military and civilian fields. Civilian helicopters are often repurposed military machines.

That said, some of the best civilian helicopters are custom-made machines created to focus on luxury, speed, or security. Read on to find out about some of the best civilian helicopter types found in this modern age.

Functions of Civilian Helicopters

The term “civilian helicopter” has a very broad spectrum of applications. Civilian helicopters are by nature non-military and non-emergency service-oriented aircraft. They can be further subdivided into the following categories.

Personal Transport

Personal transport choppers tend to be some of the more luxurious helicopter types. If you are part of the wealthy elite or want to pretend for a little while, salivate over this list of elite helicopters to see what’s out there.

Touring Helicopters

The helicopter industry has produced a wide array of choppers used in scenic tours. The best helicopter tours provide you a safe and luxurious adventure.

This means that touring helicopters have to combine aspects of military and civilian helicopters to provide performance mixed with comfort. Breeze Helicopters are a prime example of what to look for in a touring company.

Commercial Civilian Helicopters

Civilian helicopters used for commercial purposes differ from those whose primary function is personal transport or touring.

For instance, the KMAX has its primary application in the helicopter logging industry. It packs a ton more power than your average civilian helicopter and can lift weights up to 6,000 pounds.

Common Makes and Models

Like cars, helicopters have a ton of different makes and models. The following are a few of them often used in the civilian context.

Bell 206L Long Ranger

This is a light helicopter ideal for personal transport or group tours. It is one of the most common helicopters in the civilian world. It is functional, luxurious, and versatile.

Sikorsky S-76

The company Igor Sikorsky started back in the day is still pumping out some world-class helicopters. The S-76 is one of their flagship civilian models. It plays a critical role in VIP transport. Close to 1,000 have been sold to date.

Robinson R22

If you are a civilian adventurer looking to get to a remote area fast, the versatile Robinson R22 is a solid choice. It can only seat two, but it has amazing performance and versatility. 

Agusta Westland 109 Power Grand

This is an excellent choice in helicopters for transporting large groups of people in style. This helicopter came about in the 1970s and is still going strong today. It has become an industry standard for luxury transportation.

Take to the Skies in Style

Civilian helicopters are awesome machines that allow those with the proper means to have a revolutionary transportation experience. They also have many commercial functions.

If you are planning on purchasing a helicopter, taking a scenic tour, or contracting one for your business use the info in this guide to choose the best helicopter possible. For other great information, tune into our site often.