Did you know that the price of a newly listed home increased by 32.6%? In some areas, it increased by 43%!

These startling stats might have you concerned or worried when it’s time to buy a house. How can you get a good deal in your dream location? Read this guide on how to buy a house in Tallahassee, Florida today and find your dream home in no time!

Check Your Credit Score

One of the first steps to buying a house is checking your credit score. If it’s too low then you might have trouble finding a lender. If you do find a lender then the rate that you receive might be out of budget. 

Your credit report takes data from the 3 major credit reporting agencies. These include Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Before you look at Joe Manausa luxury homes you can receive a free credit report from any of these if you’re not sure what it is. 

If your credit score is low, you might want to hold off on buying a home until you can increase it. Different factors that could impact your credit score include the type of credit, your total debt, new debt, payment history, and the length of your credit history.

Calculating Your Budget

Whether you’re buying a house with bad credit or not, you need to determine your budget first. While lenders won’t factor in groceries, going out to eat, etc. it’s important to factor that into what you can afford. Take a look at your debt-to-income ratio as well.

Once you determine your budget, you can speak with a lender about pre-approval. A pre-approval letter will look great to the seller since it shows that you can afford the home. In the competitive market in Tallahassee, it’s important to have this. 

Save for a Down Payment

In order to secure a home, you’ll need money for a down payment and closing costs. It’s important to start saving as soon as possible. 

Take a look at your savings and investments to see what you can comfortably use. Consider picking up an extra job to help you save. See if a promotion could be possible at your current job. 

Speak with your relatives about them gifting you money to use. You’ll need to speak with your lender about this if you decide to go this route. 

In order to avoid paying PMI (private mortgage insurance), you’ll need to place at least 20% of the home price. Certain loans don’t require you to do this in order to avoid paying PMI, such as VA loans if you were in the military. There are loans that’ll let you forego paying 20%, but they’ll still make you pay PMI which is an extra cost on your payment every month.

Closing costs tend to be about 3-6% of the home’s value. How much you’ll pay will depend on the current market and the lender that you choose. Sometimes, the seller will pay for closing costs. 

Closing costs include title insurance and appraisal fees. You’ll also need to hire an inspector as well. 

Find a Real Estate Agent

When you’re ready to begin, reach out to a real estate agent in the area. They can make sure that the entire process goes smoothly.

They’ll reach out to the appropriate parties in order to make sure that the sale will go through. They’ll let you know whether or not the seller accepts, rejects, or gives you a counter-offer. Due to the market being competitive right now, your realtor might encourage you to offer a large amount. 

Real estate agents can also help you find your dream home. They might use special software that’ll pull up different homes in the area that you might not know about. Realtors will also prepare all of the necessary paperwork for legalities. 

Comparing Your Needs vs Wants

Think about what you need to have in your home and be realistic. Remember that it might be difficult to find certain dream factors within your budget.

You’ll need to be realistic about your wants vs needs. Consider the neighborhood if you have or want children someday.

How far is it from the school? Check out to see what there’s to do within the area whether you’re close to a hospital, your job, restaurants, or entertainment. 

Take a look at the home values in that area to determine whether or not the prices are increasing, staying the same, or decreasing. Look into the school district if kids will be in the picture. You want to make sure that it’s a strong school district in order to let your children succeed. 

Offer Time

When you’re ready to make an offer the purchase agreement will include the closing date, property address, seller and buyer information, items to be left in the home, etc. The negotiation process might be tricky but remember that the seller wants to come out of this with a good deal as well. Sometimes, you might need to compromise or offer a competitive amount.

Understanding How To Buy a House

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to buy a house in Tallahassee, Florida. Take your time deciding what your wants and needs are along with your budget. Don’t forget to reach out to a lender and real estate agent to help ease the overall process.

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