There’s no better time than now to start designing a backyard oasis. Now that more people are spending time at home, it’s beneficial to have a backyard you can enjoy each and every day. To begin, it’s good to know what you want most out of your backyard.

What are your backyard dreams?

Do you plan to entertain guests on a regular basis? Would you rather create a more intimate space for the immediate family? Know what you want your backyard to provide to you and then start the planning process.

Not sure how to design a patio area you’ll love?

In the guide below, you’ll find several great patio ideas to consider! Continue reading to get started on your backyard landscaping project. 

1. Build an Outdoor Dining Space

If you don’t already have one, now is a great time to build an outdoor dining space. Dining outside allows the entire family to bond and spend time with one another in a different environment, away from all the distractions inside the home. When building your outdoor dining space, consider adding a roof structure of some sort. 

This will allow you to enjoy eating outside even if the weather isn’t permitting. A dining area is just one aspect of patio landscaping ideas to consider. Start thinking of what other spaces you might want to include as well.

2. Create Separate Areas

Once you start planning out your backyard oasis, be sure to create separate areas by defining spaces. For example, you’ll have one defined space for dining, another for cooking, seating/lounging, and gaming. You can define these spaces by laying down outdoor flooring for each section. 

Grass and pathways will separate them. Having an area for seating and lounging is beneficial because it gives everyone a place to hang out and relax. Make sure you have enough seating for everyone in the family, plus more! 

Games like oversized connect four, cornhole, and others are a great way for the family to spend time with one another. 

3. Install Lots of Lighting

Don’t forget to install lots of lighting as well. The darkness of night shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your backyard. Make sure to install lots of lighting so you can enjoy your oasis all day long. 

You can install solar lights around the garden beds, fairy string lights in and around the trees, and tiki torches to light up the pathways. You can even consider installing a fire pit in the middle of a seating area, which will provide ample lighting and warmth when needed. 

4. Make Upgrades to the Outdoor Kitchen

Do you have an outdoor kitchen to complement your outdoor dining area? Be sure to make some upgrades to the kitchen area. For example, you can extend the counter space you have and include an outdoor refrigerator and sink. 

The more your outdoor kitchen has, the less often you’ll need to go back inside for something. 

Backyard Dreams Do Come True

What are some of your backyard dreams? You can now make them come true with the help of this very guide! Use all of these wonderful new porch and patio trends to get you started. 

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