Kids’ pirate beds are among what children love the most. Your young one will certainly go overboard with a pirate-themed bedroom. To get inspiration, imagine treasure maps, palm trees, the open sea, whales, sailboats, swords, treasure chests, sharks, cannons, parrots, gold coins, crossbones, and skulls, as well as seagulls. There are limitless varying ways in which you can incorporate these things into your kid’s pirate room. There are several pirate quilts, comforters, and bedding sets available. An online search will offer several varying options of adorable coordinating sheets, curtains, pirate bedding, pirate rugs, and wall art.


It’s recommended that the bedding should be what you buy first. Then use it as inspiration for the color other items to be used in the room. Here are some creative ideas for creating a pirate-themed room.

  1. Create a mural that features a seascape on the wall. An island could be painted some distance away, and seagulls as well as a ship. Another option is to buy a seascape mural then apply it directly to the wall. You could leave the mural as is, or cut it to a circular shape, paint a circular border around it, so you get a porthole view. You can buy pirate borders or wallpaper. Another excellent idea is painting a sunken pirate ship mural on the room’s wall. Tattered flags could be utilized as window treatments. If you’ve chosen and ordered any from the varying kid’s pirate beds online, match the window treatment’s colors to that of the bed.
  2. There is some pirate wall art that is offered together with bedding sets. You can also browse through books and magazines then cut out images to frame. The pirate-inspired images are then framed and used on the walls, or arranged on shelves and drawers.
  3. Try painting a huge X using acrylic paint on a black lampshade, or a navy blue one, then paint crossbones and a skull on the surface. You can convert a wood toy box into a treasure box using chains and also add a rough texture to its surface using maybe spackle paint or sandpaper.
  4. Create a treasure map. You could apply the treasure map to crème or plain white curtains using fabric paint. Treasure maps could even be painted directly onto the wall, on paper bags, or simple paper. You could buy island-themed décor like palm trees, parrots, Jolly Roger flags, and so much more. You can get most of these items during Halloween.
  5. You can glue fake gold coins to walls, a treasure chest, lampshades, or dressers. A treasure chest can be an amazing toys storage unit. Ensure that you put a tiny lock on it, to add personality to the theme.
  6. Pirate-themed area rugs, throw cushions, and lamps also add to the appearance. You could paint crossbones and a skull, pirates, or parrots on a flag and put it on dressers in the room.

These are the tips that will help you in matching kids’ pirate beds with other items to create amazing pirate-themed bedrooms for your kids. It’s hoped that the tips will be quite helpful for you.