Roof replacement, which is among the services offered by roofing companies in London, can be costly therefore timely repairs could extend your roof’s lifespan. Timely repairs hardly let you transition into needing a complete replacement.  This is the reason why it’s an excellent idea to have roof inspections implemented by roofing experts and contractors. It is also another excellent idea to understand the key causes of roof damage. Here are three things that can result in a leaking roof.


  1. Damaged shingles

Inclement weather events can certainly damage the shingles on your roof. For instance, after any severe storm, you could observe some missing shingles that must have been blown off by the high winds. Missing shingles expose principal roofing materials to unwanted moisture and they must be replaced as soon as you notice them so you can prevent roof leaks. Sometimes, shingles might feature damages that are not visible from ground level. Even these might need replacement so you can ensure your roof’s integrity. You could try locating such shingles by utilizing binoculars, but you should never try climbing your roof to search for damaged shingles. This is because of the risk of falling off and causing more damages should you step on blistered shingles. Roof inspections must be left to professional and expert roofing contractors.


  1. Roof vent problems

Roof vents help in eliminating moisture. When you have hired any of the major roofing companies in London to install them and they aren’t properly installed, they can potentially cause roof leaks too. And this type of leak can be truly challenging to detect. You might be unable to see where such a leak is coming from, but this particular type of leak might end in your house giving off a musty odor that is related to the moisture problem. Vent problems must be taken quite seriously as they can result in other grave problems like the growth of mildew or mold. Some of the roof vent problems have even been related to, damaged flashings which will also then need to be immediately replaced.


  1. Damaged flashing

The part of the roof that’s known as the flashing is the portion the functions to serve the purpose of ensuring that your roof is water resistant. It functions to consistently ensure that water does not get into your roof. The materials used for creating the flashing is made to last for a very long time, but at some certain point in time, the flashing must still need to be replaced. This is among the major reasons why it is recommended that you should have scheduled and regular roof inspections. Damaged flashings will probably appear to be cracked. The cracks could have occurred as a result of the corrosion of the flashing’s materials, and their exposure to the natural elements could also cause their full breakdown.


Roofing contractors and roofing companies in London are excellent resources for discovering the other problems that can make your roof prone to leaks. For instance, if you reside in an area that features harsh, icy winters, ice dams that form on your roof could end in damages.