ChiroTouch is one such technology that has leverage to help chiropractors streamline their administrative billing requirements. When you outsource medical billing services with ChiroTouch software, manage everything from claim billing to submission via a single application. Services for clients come with a range of features that will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and increase the possibility of quicker processing. Many parts of the application have been optimized to ensure fast, error-free processing to further enhance the speed and efficiency. Many features also include a scheduler that can be used for managing multiple appointments, as well as tools for scheduling, rescheduling and reminder calls, along with email notifications and live chat options.

Billing requirements

The billing requirements of third-party healthcare providers are entirely different from that of a chiropractor. To help comply with governing state codes, these healthcare professionals must adhere to certain guidelines when outsourcing their administrative work. Using Chirotouch software allows these health care professionals to eliminate duplicate billing transactions and focus on completing patient care instead. By leveraging the convenience and efficiency offered by third-party developers, healthcare providers can reduce their staff required for administrative tasks while simultaneously improving their bottom line.

Federal codes require chiropractic practices to bill for services

Many state and federal codes require chiropractic practices to bill for services rendered by licensed medical providers. Although chiropractic practices may bill directly to Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance carriers, the final expense reimbursement is channelled through the third-party billing process. Using chirotouch software has many benefits that help ensure the best billing process possible for these third-party payers. While maintaining direct contact with the billing process allows for accurate and timely reporting, this contact also increases the chances of receiving a successful claim and reduces the risk of defaulting on Medicare or other coverage.

Advantages of using chirotouch software

Among the biggest advantages of using chirotouch software is reducing the paperwork associated with patient care. No longer must medical billing professionals create detailed patient accounts and follow up with patients via telephone and mail. With a virtual office application, these professionals can access and enter data from anywhere, which means fewer paper transactions and less time spent entering information manually. A significant time savings results from fewer missed bills and reduced penalties for late payments.

Another benefit of chirotouch software

Another benefit of chirotouch software is its ability to minimize the risk of denial of claims. For some patients, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover chiropractic services. While states are responsible for ensuring these programs fully apply to their residents, Medicare and Medicaid may exclude certain services from their coverage. By utilizing a virtual office application, chiropractic billing professionals can leverage their private networks and ensure that claims are processed accordingly.


ChiroTouch allows chiropractic practices to leverage all available patient and provider information. This information is then leveraged through the system to determine patient eligibility for various services. These professionals must follow all applicable laws and regulations. In doing so, they can avoid many potential denials of service and billing mistakes. As long as the health care professional has access to the latest version of the program, they will identify and resolve any discrepancies that may arise.

How to using chirotouch software

By using chirotouch software, a wide variety of billing functions can be included in the overall design. Many applications use ready-made templates, meaning users only have to enter the required information once, and the software process begins. Some other systems allow the user to modify or add features as needed. This flexibility makes it easy to tailor the software according to the practice’s unique needs. The chiropractor can choose to have an in-house chirotouch software solution or simply outsource the work to a third-party provider.

Healthcare provider

If you’re a healthcare provider and want to ensure that your practices are compliant with all of your state’s laws and regulations, then there’s no better option than chirotouch software. There are many reputable companies in the market, but it’s always best to do background research before deciding on a vendor. Make sure the company specializes in medical billing services and not just medical office software. This way, you can be confident that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver a quality product. ChiroTouch software is an ideal choice for health care providers who want to ensure their compliance with all of the laws and regulations governing the practice.