When I turned 40 last year, I felt that I was not happy with the way I looked or felt and that I needed to make some changes in order to have a healthy lifestyle. My friends recommended Novomed’s registered dietitian in Dubai, whom I went to see and have not looked back since. During my first appointment, I got a thorough health examination and underwent some tests to understand my general health, and the results showed that I was both overweight and unfit.

When I got the results, the dietitian recommended a low-fat diet as the optimal eating strategy for my body. She created for me a very useful eating schedule that was quite simple to adhere to. Together, we established attainable, realistic weight loss objectives that would keep me motivated and energized. My dietitian did a great job of comprehending my needs and offering perceptive advice on how to reconsider food, preparation, and planning. She was a wonderful listener and made it very simple to talk to her. I like how we were able to establish new habits, provide a solid foundation for eating well and preparing ahead, and offer a fresh take on nutrition.

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Since I began seeing the dietitian, I have kept up our regular check-up appointments, which helped me stay on track and learn more about healthy eating and living. I am really happy that I shed almost 10 kg. Finding a workout that is effective for you is crucial if you want to lose a lot of weight and ensure a healthy lifestyle. I needed to find a type of exercise that would suit my schedule and lifestyle. And so, I decided to start running to boost my metabolism and energy levels.

Now, I feel better than I have in at least the last ten years in terms of health and fitness. I was highly motivated and energized to create a change for her health and well-being from the very first day, and I am so proud of myself for achieving my goal. I started to focus more on health and less on weight reduction. I couldn’t have done it without Novomed’s remarkable dietician who is extremely professional and genuinely cares about her patients.