Moffett forklifts are quite popular in the world of material handling equipment, and not without reason. Their sturdiness, stability, and sophistication go a long way in providing the efficiency and effectiveness for all onsite operations. Yet they are just machines, and just like any other machine they suffer damage and decay. The wear and tear are inevitable with the extensive, daily use they provide whether it is in agriculture and poultry industry or in urban distribution. So there comes a time for every business operations manager to decide to buy a new Moffett Truck.

After all, the safety of the operator and the crew is of the utmost importance and using old Moffett machinery that is no longer fit for service can be potentially life-threatening. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimate that there are approximately 100,000 injuries per year (non-serious, serious and fatal) due to forklift misuse or accidents and any of these accidents can be because of using old machinery that should have been replaced long ago.

That is why this article shall help you determine how to know when to buy a new Moffett forklift to avoid any unwanted workplace accidents.

Signs to Look Out For

Here are the signs to look out for which will tell you it is time to replace that old piece of Moffett equipment.

  1. Frequent Mechanical Problems: Whether it’s something as simple as the indicators or the horn of a forklift, a malfunction should not be taken lightly. Of course, there are some parts of a forklift that just need to be fixed right away and without which the forklift is all but useless. If you notice that your Moffett forklift is requiring more frequent repairs every month, then it may be time to replace it. The most common mechanical parts you need to pay attention to are the mast, forks, and A problem in any one of these components is a sure fire indication that the forklift may be reaching the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced. Especially if it’s a used forklift, then you need to be extra careful because the used equipment is not always as trustworthy as the brand new type. However, there are some authentic retailers in the United States such as Bobby Park Truck and Equipment who provide genuine and good condition used forklifts. These forklifts may carry on longer, but the fact of the matter is when mechanical parts start to malfunction more than once in a month, or at least once in consecutive months; it is time to buy a new Moffett forklift.
  2. Higher Repairing Cost: Another evident sign to look out for is the increasing cost of getting the Moffett forklift repaired. In the start, it may be small problems that don’t require more than a few dollars and a few minutes to fix but if your forklift is getting closer to the end of its useful life, the problems and the costs will keep mounting. From malfunctioning controls to faulty hydraulic stabilizers, the more complex the problem, the higher the cost and the more logical it gets to buy a new forklift. As mentioned above, the safety of the operator and the crew is of paramount importance and that cannot be compromised to save a few hundred dollars for some months. So it is advisable that if the problems keep getting more complex and the costs keep getting higher (which impact the other operational processes adversely as well), then you should purchase a new Moffett truck.
  3. Lower Efficiency: It isn’t necessary for a forklift to break down for it to be replaced. A vigilant manager takes pre-emptive measures and tries to rectify the problem before it gets out of hand. As such, let us consider the Moffett truck mounted forklift as an example. Usually, it takes only sixty seconds to mount and dismount from the back of a truck. But if the forklift is nearing the end of its functionality then its parts may become old and slow. This will lower efficiency and cost precious time to the completion of onsite operations. This is also another indication that the forklift may be replaced by a newer or at least more functional model. After all, the point of a machine is to speed up the process and create ease and convenience. So if the Moffett truck seems too slow to keep up with orders and the day to day business, it probably is and a new one should be bought immediately.

These were just some of the signs that help you decide when to buy a new Moffett forklift so that you may continue to achieve operational excellence in your onsite operations.