Preparing for your spinal surgery can be a frightening thing. There are many steps involved when you prepare for your spinal surgery. It is important that you understand your surgery and your surgeon’s expectations. Keep in mind that you have to take an active role in the management and understanding of your healthcare requirements.

Here are a few things that you should check and remember before you undergo your Spine surgery Florida.

  • Prepare Your Home Before You Get Admitted To The Hospital: It is very important that you adjust your living situations before your operation. For example, place the telephone at a place where you can reach it without much movement. Prepare food beforehand and store it. Place utensils and clothes and shoes nearby. Try to make your home as accessible as possible beforehand.
  • Medications: You need to keep in mind that you have to stop taking any kind of medication like Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory 10 days prior to your Spine surgery Florida. This medication thin blood thus increasing blood flow during surgery. Stop taking any herbal or aspirin kind of medications. Do not take any diuretics.
  • Stop Smoking: You should completely cease your nicotine consumption. Many studies state that nicotine affects your skin, muscle and bone healing. Nobody wants to delay their operation recovery. But if you go on smoking then that would become inevitable as it delays fusion healing, increases infection rates and risks postoperative Talk to your surgeon on how to stop smoking before your operation.
  • Visit Your Medical Doctor: You may have to visit your spine doctor before your spine surgery Florida to get an all clearance certificate. It is important that you understand your health status by undergoing various investigations prior to your surgery.
  • Book Your Transportation Home: You may drive to the hospital before your surgery. But due to postoperative pain and medication you would not be allowed to drive back home all alone. Therefore if you have your own car you can ask your friend or relative to help you reach home. Or you can book an ambulance. Bring your own toiletries to the hospital for your own comfort and do not forget to pack clothes for when you get discharged after your operation.

Once you reach the surgery theatre do not get nervous and make sure that you remain cool. Make all the necessary arrangements and prepare for your operation beforehand.