The tides have shifted, the market has dictated the rulers of real estate. Sadly, you’re on the wrong side of the table, as buyers have been presented with the negotiating power. In simple terms, a buyer’s market has more houses to offer than there are buyers. Buyers then assume the throne as sellers are subconsciously competing with each other to get the attention of relatively few buyers. We buy houses in Torrance, CA, can buy yours too, much more we can help you sell your house quickly in a buyer’s market with the following tips.

Home Selling Tips For Listing In A Buyers Market

“I want to sell my house fast in Torrance, and cannot wait for market conditions to improve” are words of someone who’s feeling the heat of the buyer’s market. Here are a few ways to ease the pressure and get that property sold.  

1.      Hire an experienced agent

If this was a neutral market or one in which sellers own the negotiating power, even novices can luckily get their properties sold without professional expertise. However, a sailor is needed the most when the tides are unfavorable and danger is looming. In the same way, a buyer’s market is not the best time to try the real estate market, hire an agent! A tricky market such as this becomes infinitely easy to navigate with a stellar agent by your side.

2.      Consider FSBO

Sequel to (1) above, I’ve heard homeowners say things like “I want to sell my house fast in Torrance, CA and I cannot afford to pay commission on agent’s fees.” The market is tricky already and it’s best navigated with professional expertise. However, if you don’t want to lose money on an agent’s commission despite having to agree to a lower sale price you could sell FSBO. However, you will be without proper guidance but will save 3% commission an agent would receive

3.      Take Full Advantage Of Marketing Tactics

In a market where buyers are looking for a reason to beat down the asking price on your house, you must make that an impossibility. How? Ensure your home looks it’s absolute best. The best way to increase your curb appeal is to draw attention to your home’s most attractive features. Increased curb appeal is a sure way to complete a quick house sale in Torrance, CA, even in a buyer’s market. Let’s move from the outside-in as you look for ways to sell your house quickly in Torrance, CA.

  • Exterior home updates

Your first shot at impressing a buyer is the view from the curb, work on the following to make a good one:

  • Landscaping: Ensure all the greens are well manicured. Plant colorful ornamental flowers, mow the lawn and discard every dry leaves/debris.
  • Pressure washing: A neat and clean driveway, walkway, and sidewalk show your attention to detail.
  • Painting: Full paint job/a new coat of paint on the shutters, front door, window frames freshen things up.
  • Decorative flourishes: think outside the box and look for creative and budget-friendly ways to spice things up.  New house numbers, upgraded light fixtures, or a new mailbox are all a testament that your house was properly maintained.
  • Interior home updates

Staging gives buyers a feel of what the house will look like when they bring in their furniture, do your best to paint a nice by:

  • Cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing: before showings, a clean sweep of the house, decluttering every room, and removing personal item signals to the buyer that you’re ready for the new sheriff in town. It’s not way over the top to hire a professional stager if it will get the house sold regardless of the odds stacked against you.
  • Wash windows: while you painted the frames on the outside and removed cobwebs, don’t leave the inside wanting. Ensure they are thoroughly cleaned so natural light comes in easily and lightens the rooms.

4.  How you list matters

In a market like this, maximize listing especially if it’s the primary way of getting exposure for your property. Since you are not considering a cash-for-home in Torrance deal, ensure to use professional pictures, add video tours if possible and write a comprehensive listing description.

Learning how to sell your house fast in Torrance, CA, especially in a buyer’s market will save you from mishaps. Peradventure you laid your hands on these working tips and failed at it, find solace in us because we buy houses for cash in Torrance, CA. If we buy houses in Torrance, yours shouldn’t be an exception, reach out to us today!