Now, VoIP phones are increasingly popular with homes, industries, offices, and businesses. VoIP phone, the call quality is stable and completely free, the media is rich in functions and easy to manage. How to set up a voip phone? I will tell you one by one.

What is voip phone ?

Voip is (voice over ip). Currently, voip phones are commonly used to make calls and hardware calls. Software calls can be installed on a computer to make a call, the common software is Skype, and so on. The other type refers to the hardware to make a call. The appearance is the same as that of the traditional analog phone motherboard. The internal use of the voip sip phone motherboard, using the network cable and network switch to connect the phone to the Internet, the voip phone can be configured to make normal calls. .

How does Voip work?

VOIP (Voice Over IP and VOIP Protocols) refers to the use of the IP protocol to transmit voice in packets over an IP network. With the VOIP protocol, voice communication can be achieved whether it is the Internet, an intranet or a local area network. In a network using VOIP, voice signals are digitized, compressed and converted into IP packets, which are then transmitted over the IP network. The VOIP signaling protocol is used to establish and cancel calls, transmitting the information needed to locate users and negotiate capabilities. The main features of the telephone network are low cost; the synthesis of data, voice and video on the same network; new services on a centralized network and simplified management of end users.

How to set a voip phone?

1. Build a VoIP phone usage environment

 Before connecting the voip phone to the network, you need to check if the network system is working properly. Use a network switch and a voip phone to connect the voip phone to a fully stable network system.

2. Obtain the ip address of the voip phone and the IP address of the current network system.

   Press and hold any key in the VoIP phone for 5 seconds or press the number 9*9*200 to automatically play the current ip address. Then, according to the current network system’s ip network for adaptation, the current network can be viewed in the network attribute setting in the computer host under the current network system.

3. Use the browser to set voip phone

When the VoIP phone and the computer are normally connected in the same network, you can enter the ip address of the voip phone in any browser. After successful login, you can see the network management interface of the VoIP phone (as shown below), enter the user name and password to select the language. Click the login button to log in to the settings interface. (The username and password default to admin).

4. VoIP phone sip configuration

   Configuration field description

Field NameDescription
Sip line selectionIt can be configured with 6 lines. After the selection is completed, click to load.
basic configuration
Open registration statusConfigure to allow/disable registration. Point-to-point configuration of this feature requires off
server addressConfigure the sip registration server address. Support for addresses in the form of domain names
Server portConfigure sip registration server signaling port
usernameConfigure the account registered by sip
passwordConfigure the password for the sip registered account.
telephone numberConfigure the number registered to the sip server. If it is empty, do not initiate registration.
show nameConfiguration display name